ProtoPixel Create closes its beta stage

We are excited to announce you that PPx Create is closing its Beta stage due to its improvement.

We are constantly improving our products, and ProtoPixel Create is not an exception. We are proudly announcing a new release: 2.1.0. Yes, without the beta tag.

What does it mean?

First of all, it means that we are fully committed to improve and support ProtoPixel Create. We have your back. It also means that the upcoming new releases should not break things.

Also, from now on, ProtoPixel Create will require a monthly subscription of €29.99 to deploy your projects live.

What does it mean and how will it affect my workflow with ProtoPixel?

Subscriptions are enablers. You can still use ProtoPixel Create to create projects for free. You don’t need a subscription for that, it will work just fine. However, when sending lighting data to the controllers (and LEDs) there will be interruptions every 1 minute (think of it as a watermark). The subscription will get rid of these interruptions.

Subscriptions are monthly-based, meaning that you can purchase a subscription for monthly periods. Once the subscription ends, you will go back the free version with interruptions again, unless you extend your subscription.

Subscriptions are extendable. You can purchase “packs of months” in advance or extend your monthly subscription at any time.

Subscriptions are deployment-based. As you can still design with ProtoPixel Create for free, you just need a subscription for the computer deploying your lighting design. It is therefore important to understand that a subscription is tied to a specific computer.

How can I purchase/extend a subscription?

Subscriptions can be purchased in our online Shop. You will get a token in an e-mail. Copy that token to ProtoPixel Create subscription dialog, along with your e-mail address. After some magic requiring a working internet connection your subscription (or extension) will be activated.

When will this happen?

The ProtoPixel Create free period will end on the 05/06/2017. After that date, depending on the last time you used the free version of ProtoPixel Create you will have up to 30 days of free usage.

I have a problem with ProtoPixel Create / a Subscription:

We are here to help you. Please drop us a line at

So, to summarize:

  • ProtoPixel Create is closing Beta starting from June 5th.
  • You still can use Create for free to design, but unlimited deployment to LEDs will require a monthly fee of €29.99
  • Subscriptions can be extended at any time and are valid for one computer
  • You can purchase your subscription in our e-shop

We are very proud of the user community around ProtoPixel, and we don’t want subscriptions to become barrier for them. So remember, you can still work as long as you want for free, and activate subscriptions only when you have to deploy your final lighting setup.

Love from Barcelona!

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