Ethereum Lead dApp Developer Fabian Vogelsteller on why he chose to Advise Protos

Fabian is the developer in charge of the Ðapp and other user facing applications for the Ethereum project.

He was intimately involved in building Ethereum’s best known projects, like the Mist Browser, the Ethereum Wallet, web3.js and the ERC-20 Token Standard with Vitalik (the founder of Ethereum).

Fabian recently published a blog post on why he decided to advise Protos. We’ve shared an excerpt below. The full post can be viewed here.

I was introduced to the guys from Protos through a meeting here in Berlin. I got a very positive impression about the team and their outlook on the space. I was approached a few times already from Funds, but rejected all of them before.

The team behind Protos is a good set of people who work for the right reasons.

As Protos is a tokenized Fund it is not itself as decentralized as I want to [sic] future to be, but it allows people that stand outside of the Blockchain space — willing to invest — to have an experienced team to do that for them.

On the other side it is also interesting to existing cryptocurrency traders, as they can let other people do the trading and assessing.

I wrote before the space grew a lot. It is hard to keep an overview over all the new ICOs, Blockchain projects and Cryptocurrencies popping up. Choosing every ICO and cryptocurrency themselves is time consuming and always comes with difficulties managing and securing all those assets.

Most of the current existing tokenised Funds are rather index funds, which accumulate certain tokens in their portfolio. As Protos is actively managed it will be able to hedge down trends and benefit from up trends in the cryptocurrency space.

Protos (PRTS) will be tokenised, which means people will be able to sell their share of the Fund at any time. It is also planned to have the whole portfolio and its assets visible in real time to make it as transparent as possible.

The token will use 10% of its gains to buy back PRTS token on the market to decrease the existing supply over time. The fund will invest 65% of its holdings into the top protocols and cryptocurrencies, and 35% into new upcoming ICOs and Blockchain projects.

Next to putting money into Protos myself, I will help as an advisor to choose the right projects to support and invest in and steer the right technical decisions as my time allows it. I want to make sure that this money is invested wisely and projects that improve the space get the right exposure.

Protos has a complete Offering Memorandum you can read here.

In the future I maybe [sic] support other projects, but I will not take on more shoulders than my time allows. My work at Ethereum is still the most important for me, but I am also thinking of starting my own projects in the future, so stay tuned 🙂

The above is an excerpt from “On Advisory” published on Fabian’s personal blog,

Protos is a tokenized hedge fund. We’re passionate about encouraging crypto adoption by providing a global onramp to blockchain asset investment. Our ICO public sale starts November 7, 2017. Visit to register or learn more.