The Protos Tech Roadmap — Building the Future of Asset Management

Protos is an actively traded, tokenized hedge fund for cryptoassets. Our public sale ends December 15th. Invest now at

We’ve been so focused on the Protos ICO (underway now see for more), we haven’t shared much about our technology roadmap.

We’d like to change that.

Over the next few days we will be sharing our roadmap and vision for pursuing the creation of a project that we’re currently calling PRTS2, a crypto multi-manager trading platform.

Edit: Read more about PRTS2 and our Multi-manager platform below

About PRTS2

PRTS2 will be a multi-manager crypto trading platform, and associated utility token for use on the platform.

We intend to build an ecosystem that will provide the necessary tools to develop quant trading strategies for cryptoassets and to make that toolset accessible to anyone. Investors in the Protos fund will have a unique position to benefit from the innovation generated in the ecosystem.

All Protos token holders will get an airdrop of PRTS2 to join our ecosystem when the platform launches (expected Q2–2018)

Why build a crypto multi manager platform?

We believe the crypto market is maturing fast. This poses an interesting challenge for anyone investing in the space.

While we believe that we bring the right degree of quant trading experience, market knowledge and technology expertise to remain at the forefront in the field, we also believe that an outsized degree of innovation will come from individuals or teams of traders and technologists from all over the world. We believe that this innovation remains locked unless rightly triggered.

How do we follow through on our intention to offer our token holders what we believe to be the potential to achieve the best risk adjusted return on their token investment, if we don’t have all the best minds in the world working towards that same goal?

It is clear to us that tapping into, and supporting this crowd wisdom is an important component of a successful strategy moving forward.

In the future how many tokens will be traded by humans?

We think that, in the near future, the best brains to make trading decisions will be machines.

Based on our experience in traditional markets, machine and deep learning algorithms have outpaced trading algorithms based on traditional statistics.

In the expected exponential improvements of artificial intelligence, we believe that alpha will be driven by early access to advances in these technologies which lead the way in algorithmic trading.

We believe the future of trading is human and machine.

We believe that, to be successful in this new market, investment funds need the best minds working towards building the best algorithms to provide the best returns.

We believe it’s this pairing, of crowd wisdom, brilliant minds and leading edge algorithms, which is the key to ensure that Protos will constantly facilitate optimal returns to the PRTS Tokenholders, and be a positive force in bringing about a more decentralized future.

But developing quant strategies in a decentralized way is challenging

  1. Access to data — Lack of data that can be used for meaningful backtesting limits participation
  2. Custodial challenges — Securing crypto while ensuring enough liquidity so that that tokens can be flexibly traded on exchanges is a challenge.
  3. Incentives and attribution — Defining the right Incentive structures needed to get the smartest people working in the same direction, requires careful consideration.

We believe we have solutions for the above challenges and are excited to share more of our plan to develop a decentralized active trading strategy creation platform.

Over the next few days we expect to share our roadmap and vision to create a toolbox that enables anyone to develop quant trading strategies for cryptoassets.

We hope we can count on your input.

More to come.

Matthew, Philipp and Tom
Founders, Protos Cryptocurrency Asset Management

Protos is an actively traded, tokenized hedge fund for cryptoassets. Our public sale ends December 15th. Invest now at

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Our thanks to Bosse and Jess for assistance with this post.

Protos is an actively managed tokenized hedge fund. We’re passionate about encouraging crypto adoption by providing a global onramp to blockchain asset investment. Our ICO public sale ends soon. Visit to register or learn more.

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