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what we’ve been taught about wealth is wrong

video version of the text below.

What is a financial runway?

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why 5am wake ups don’t work and calendar deadlines are never kept

Problem Solving by Douglas Rodas

Start with a simple question

Thug Life Progress Bar by Martin Dimovski

it’s one part a habit of repetition

Lobster by Miguel Camacho

A theory on how to move up the lobster hierarchy

  • Lobster hierarchy is based on posture. A lobster with higher serotonin and low levels of octopamine walks ‘taller’, acts more confident, and less likely to back down when challenged.
  • If a lobster loses a battle, it gets beaten down, loses its serotonin dose, turns timid…

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how to wake up without one

The case against alarm clocks

image credit: So happy together

How to crunch numbers that can actually happen

Week 1: $10
Week 2: $20
Week 3: $30
Week 4: $40
Week 5: $50
  • how much does he actually have leftover by the end of the week?
  • how is he planning to…


Looking at my financial story in hindsight

Passion in the mirror

among many other things

Time is money

basically, everything no one really tells you about

  1. If you’re not a fan of insurance for whatever reason, get at least income protection — especially if you only have a day job and…

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