Bangkok LGBT Songkran Guide 2018: Alternative Events and Who To Call In An Emergency

Kyle Malinda-White
Apr 9, 2018 · 4 min read

[Edited on April 10, 1pm]

If you are an LGBTQ+ tourist in Bangkok during Songkran, you know the drill: either get super-soaked by water guns and buckets on the streets of Silom, or turn up at the three-day gCircuit Songkran party that is now in its 12th annual run:

However, there is more than meets the eye in the land of smiles, this Thailand New Year.

Prout has uncovered other events that appeal to LGBTQ+ travellers looking for more in their trip to Bangkok. Here is a guide of events, as well as tips to surviving in Bangkok during this time.

For the pre-Songkran tourist:

If you came in early, check out this party at Ce La Vi Bangkok on Thursday, April 12, with drag queens and sets by DJs including Danny Dee and Rita.

For the underground queer kid:

Club kids, queer kids, anyone from the underground: this is your spot to vogue and let loose with 10 hours of underground music at Non Non Non on Friday, April 13.

For the Drag Race Thailand fans:

You rooted for Annee Maywong/Dearis Doll/Jaja/[insert drag queen here]. Now get your drag queen fix — alongside Drag Race Thailand co-host Pangina Heals — at the three-day drag queen festival beginning Friday, 13 April.

For the pool party fanatics:

We see you, Mr/Mrs/Mx Worked-For-This-Tan. Splash away at the LGBTQ-friendly Songkran Pool Party on Friday, April 13.

For those looking for a local LGBTQ+ nightlife experience:

Fake Club’s mostly-local mix is just the place for a truly local night you will never forget. Did you remember how to say hello in Thai?

Need some company?

The Bangkok Pride LGBTQ+ Social Group is full of fun individuals who are looking to socialise in a safe setting. Join them below:

How to get around:

  • Uber no longer works in Bangkok, so use Grab as your de-facto ride-hailing app (cash payments are allowed)
  • You will get wet so be prepared wherever you go: protect your electronics in a waterproof pouch and bring a spare change of clothes if you need
  • Beware of getting stuck in traffic especially in high-volume areas such as Khaosan or Silom; use Grab’s Bike bike-taxi option to weave through traffic
  • Bike-sharing options have now become available in Thailand — try either ofo, oBike or Mobike
  • A travel blogger giving Songkran updates is @RichardBarrow; follow him for breaking news as well during times of crisis

In an emergency:

  • Test BKK, a HIV/AIDS initiative by APCOM, has worked to ensure Silom Pulse Clinic remains open during Songkran; free test-booking is available through this link
  • If you think you may be exposed to HIV or AIDS, visit the emergency department of any hospital or head to the clinic above to get PEP, a 28-day course of anti-HIV medication that can prevent you from getting infected
  • Free blood tests are also being given out by Adam’s Love under their #SoberSongkran campaign; add them on your Line app at @xto5254h to book a slot anytime
  • Anyone seeking counselling help can message Adam’s Love on their Facebook page here or post a query on their webboard

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Find LGBTQ+ helplines, support resources, guides to pride events and inspiring stories of individual and corporate changemakers on Prout’s Medium page. #proudandout

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Find LGBTQ+ helplines, support resources, guides to pride events and inspiring stories of individual and corporate changemakers on Prout’s Medium page. #proudandout