Changemakers: 33 Drag Queens That Are Taking Singapore By Storm

[Edited on May 3 with comment: See the addendum at the bottom of the article]

Drag queens have been around for decades, from the Stonewall riots to RuPaul’s Drag Race, being the front and centre of the march for LGBTQ+ equality in the world. (The first signs of female impersonation went back some two centuries ago.)

Ever since the art has exploded onto the television screen and social videos due to the birth of reality TV competition RuPaul’s Drag Race, a legion of drag queens have since spawned and taken over the world.

In Singapore, a country still grappling with LGBTQ+ rights, a band of fearless, talented queens have debuted — showing what it means to live life with pride, confidence and colour.

Here are 33(!!!) drag queens that are on our radar for being the changemakers of our time:

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Now, on with the show.

1: Vanda Miss Joaquim (@yourstrulyvandamissjoaquim)

2: Vyla Virus (@vylavirus)

3: Miss Chili (@misschilisg)

4: Mona Kee Kee (@monakeekeeonline)

5: Arya Dunn (@arya.dunn)

6: Kemora Kucinta (@kemorakucinta)

7: Salome Blaque (@salomeblaque)

8: Farrah Shamrock (@farrahshamrock)

9: Mika Vogue (@mika_vogue)

10: Becca D’Bus (@beccadbus)

11: Eva Le Queen (@eva_lequeen)

12: Yeastmonster (@yeastmonster)

13: Ms Fanservia (@msfanservia)

14: Miss Dahlia Rose (@missdahliarose)

15: Lily Elle (@fuzzley)

16: Anna Stacia (@officialannastacia)

17: Gina Gemini (@ginageminisg)

18: Noris (@noristar_narcisso)

19: Layla On Fire (@laylaonfireofficial)

20: Xanado Phlox (@xanadophlox)

21: Russell Fierce (@russellfierce)

22: Rhea Borne Eve (@rheaborneeve)

23: Ms Carla Dee (@mscarladee)

24: Tiara Sorrel (@tiarasorrel)

25: Eriana Conda (@eriana_conda)

26: Eliza Imanelly (@elizaimanelly)

27: Eyvabella Donna (@evyabelladonna)

28: Tanuki Starz (@tanuki_starz)

29: Ms Shazam (@msshazam)

30: DeEnormouS (@iamdeenormous)

31: Rima Supple S (@rima_s)

32: Sammi Zhen (@iamsammizhen)

33: Jaye Toh (@jaye_toh)


We are heartened at the strong reception to this article from the drag community. Changemakers is a column on Prout’s Medium page where we take a look at LGBTQ+ people around Asia that are changing the face of queer culture today.

We originally intended this piece to feature some of the newer queens, but thought it would be good to place some of the veterans who have been a key part of the community. Some of these other key figures which we are happy to include in this list are:

Amy Tashiana
Fariz Spears
Lisa Dolmat
Jeffrey Jayjay
Jada Jade Rodriguez

We thank those who have noted the omissions and would like to reiterate that the list is not exhaustive.

P.S. One of the defining moments in drag culture in Singapore came with the existence of Boom Boom Room in Bugis Village — check out this video for more: