To the People of the Cross, in Rome

To the People of the Cross, in Rome:

Whose feet bridge the gap between two worlds,

Who languish in the belly of the Beast,

In the broken midst of the World’s City

For this is what Man’s Kingdom is like:

Where pride of power is taken by force,

Culture of arrogance advanced by sword;

A place where the oppressor wins

And Death defeats the stranded soul

Some kingdom this is,

Where the God of Love is tortured in the street

And killed like a common thug.

To the People of the Cross, in Rome:

Remember the ripple that starts with stone -

The one these builders, in blindness, rejected.

You messengers of Love, remember His city

For this is what God’s Kingdom is like:

Where power is shared and given away

Culture of compassion advanced by dying

And the oppressed are lifted up -

Not with striving, but Faith from first to last;

Some kingdom this is,

Where Love defeats Death,

And man is undone with a heart of flesh.

This is the Godly Revolution.

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