pTokens launch on mainnet!

Time to unleash blockchain liquidity and bring Decentralized Finance to every crypto holder.

Provable Things
Mar 5 · 8 min read
Visit and discover the power of the “p” — provable, portable, pegged.

This is it!

Following a successful series of testnet launches, we’re officially migrating pTokens to the mainnet.

What are pTokens aiming to solve?

DeFi is a rapidly growing industry, recently surpassing $1 billion in total locked value. Over the past 12 months, the Decentralized Financial ecosystem has experienced impressive growth both in terms of financial products available and interactions with each protocol.

DeFi ecosystem growth — January 2019 vs January 2020 // source:

Webelieve that in order for Decentralized Finance to be successful, liquidity is key.

Every blockchain is a walled garden, locking out other cryptocurrencies and locking in their own liquidity.

Bitcoin trading volumes in February. Source:

How does the pTokens solution work?

The pTokens bridge follows a simple approach to enable the cross-chain movement of assets. Purposefully simple in its design, the Bitcoin ↔ Ethereum bridge features two light clients, one for the native blockchain (Bitcoin) and another for the host blockchain (Ethereum).

  • An Ethereum ERC-777 smart contract
  • Two light clients (Bitcoin + Ethereum) housed within an enclave
Mint your own pBTC using our custom DApp —

Unchaining blockchain liquidity

When it comes to tokenizing assets, liquidity is as just important as a strong technological solution. The pTokens system is integrated with liquidity pools Bancor Network and Kyber Network, making pBTC available on these platforms.

Stake pBTC and earn from the fees!

Community governance

While this launch is a great first milestone for the team and for the broader development of this technology, it’s still Phase Zero. Over time, the administration of the system will become more decentralized and its governance passed into the hands of the community, who will help shape the path ahead for pTokens.

We will be releasing more details on this road to decentralization in the coming months!


Blockchain oracle service for modern DApps

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Blockchain oracle service for modern DApps

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