Proxeus Perspectives: Kathryn

Making a successful crypto project takes more than a good idea and good technology — it needs talent, and lots of it. We spoke with BlockFactory HR manager Kathryn Willcox about what it’s like to work in the crypto field, where everyone is scaling and the technology moves fast.

How long have you been working in crypto?
Since March 2018.

What’s your favorite thing about working in blockchain?
I love how excited people are about this industry and its potential to really shake up the status quo. Everyday I get to speak to ambitious, passionate people who want to build a career in the world of blockchain. I find it fascinating to hear about their ideas, use cases and shared passion for the technology and where it can take us.

What do you think of the Proxeus project?
I think the Proxeus project will be a major player in getting use cases and proof of concepts out there. There are many impressive ideas, and the Proxeus technology seems to be the stepping stone for anybody to achieve their DApp dreams.

The project itself is being developed by a core team of devs coming from all over the world, with backgrounds in cryptography, fin-tech & computer science- it’s awesome to see such diverse backgrounds come together to build such a project.

What are some unique challenges you face working in HR in crypto/Switzerland?
The biggest challenge is managing the sheer number of applications, which skyrocketed after Proxeus won the Fintech Startup of the Year Award in March. There is a lot of interest in joining the team, and I think this is because many people see BlockFactory and Proxeus as a great opportunity to break into blockchain and learn more.

Where do you find your candidates?
We are receiving applications through a lot of different channels. The usual suspects are LinkedIn, universities and job boards — but there are certainly an increasing number of candidates getting in touch via new channels such as Telegram.

There’s also a lot of events, conferences and meetups taking place in and around the Crypto Valley at which Proxeus has been present, and these are great places to connect with interesting people and find top talent. Just last week BlockFactory hosted a meetup for the Zurich Gophers group, these are great places to connect with interesting people a find top talent.

Have you tested the beta?
Yes- I created a workflow and document for the employee contracts on beta 1 — exciting times ahead.