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Introducing PROXI’s Yield Farming Campaign on Uniswap

PROXI’s native token CREDIT will be distributed as rewards to liquidity providers for the ETH/CREDIT pool on Uniswap V2 in this 1-week period.

As the team indicated in the tokenomics, the tokens reserved for Yield Farming(mining pool), 50 million in total, is intended to be distributed to the farmers over 4 years. To facilitate the incentive mechanism, PROXI team will move enough CREDIT ERC20 tokens from the mining pool as the rewards of the Uniswap Yield Farming Campaign. Upon the end of the 1-week period, if there are CREDIT left in the contract, the remaining will be locked up again.

To fully incentivize the farmers in the pool, the initial expected APY in CREDIT for this promotion will be around 300%!

#How to Farm CREDIT#

To farm CREDIT and earn the Yield Farming Rewards:

  1. Choose “Pool” and click “Add Liquidity” to join the Yield Farming. Then click “Select a token”, enter the CREDIT token contract address (0xc4cb5793bd58bad06bf51fb37717b86b02cbe8a4) to add CREDIT token. If you have any trouble finding a token, just click “Having trouble finding a token?” at the bottom, then click “Add”.
  1. Participants must provide liquidity to the ETH/CREDIT pool on Uniswap V2 , you will need to deposit an equal value of CREDIT ERC20 tokens and ETH coins into the pool.
  2. After successfully contributing your crypto (CREDIT and ETH), liquidity providers will receive UNI-V2 pool tokens. These UNI-V2 tokens represent your share of the ETH/CREDIT liquidity pool. You can track the size of the pool and your share here. The share of liquidity provided by the mining pool will of course be excluded from earning rewards.
  3. PROXI team will calculate the shares (UNI-V2 tokens) of ETH/CREDIT liquidity pool in random snapshots for each day over a 1-week period. Liquidity providers need to supply your crypto in the ETH/CREDIT liquidity pool over a period of 24 hours.
  4. The rewards will be distributed based on the amount of UNI-V2 tokens from each address in the ETH/CREDIT liquidity pool. Only the TOP 30 will get Rewards according to the Holders Ranking List here. Unlike other yield farming programs, these rewards will be distributed to the liquidity providers every 24 hours.

Join the Yield Farming, and profit from the Campaign!


PROXI is DeFi 2.0 for Cross Chain Derivative Issuance and Credit Lending. PROXI provides the smartest way to invest derivative assets and earn interests with credit-based high leverage tools through the decentralized secure protocol.

The mission of PROXI is to build a one-stop platform for cross-chain multi-asset collateral service, Credit-based lending, derivative issuance, trading and asset management in the DeFi area, providing users with revolutionary, decentralized, and risk-minimized financial products.

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DeFi 2.0: Cross-chain Derivative Issuance & Credit Lending

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