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PROXI: Building A Sustainable and Profitable DeFi Network

DeFi Market Potential

With the rise of the crypto industry, decentralized finance (DeFi) has quickly become the most promising area of growth in the online financial sector.

DeFi stands for decentralized finance and typically represents a system built on a secure blockchain that gives users an alternative to traditional financial institutions and trading. DeFi’s main cryptocurrency applications are run by a series of computer networks, rather than a central financial institution. This means that there are no third parties or intermediaries involved in user’s financial data, which gives the user more autonomy versus a traditional bank.

With DeFi being in its early stages of development, it lacks sophisticated, real-asset-backed, and cross chain derivatives to boost liquidity into the crypto world. The potential for the DeFi Derivative Market is exponential, with the current global crypto market estimated to grow from $210 Billion to $1.2Trillion.

Enter: PROXI

The mission of PROXI is to build a one-stop platform for cross-chain staking proxy, derivative issuance, trading and asset management in DeFi area, providing users with revolutionary, decentralized, and risk-minimized financial products.

Value Proposition

PROXI provides the smartest way to stake, issue, and invest derivative assets without limits through the decentralized secure protocol.

Key Highlights

  • Cross-chain Interoperability
  • Infinite Liquidity
  • Decentralized Staking Pool
  • Real Assets Backed Tokenization l Limitless Derivative Issuance
  • Ideal Risk Management

Core Components of PROXI:

  • Asset-backed Synthetic Issuance: Real-world assets and derivatives with swapping protocol using PROXI Token.
  • P2P Lending and Margin: Community run P2P margin allowances. Profit from derivatives based on your own lending or borrowing, all backed by smart contracts and transparent rates.
  • Portfolio Dashboard: Pick and choose your risk profile in each sector. Allocate across different sectors and derivative financial products while managing investment portfolio in real-time.

It’s important to note that PROXI is developed using the blockchain architecture, operating with a cross-chain interoperability layer and decentralized staking pool, providing PROXI users with more control over their assets. PROXI also supports the tokenization, issuance, trading, and management of real assets.



DeFi 2.0: Cross-chain Derivative Issuance & Credit Lending

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DeFi 2.0: Cross-chain Derivative Issuance & Credit Lending