PROXI DeFi Monthly Report

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5 min readSep 8, 2020


Monthly Highlights

● PROXI DeFi Utility token $CREDIT listed on Uniswap, Bithumb Global,, MXC, Hoo and

● PROXI DeFi Head of Marketing has been invited to more than 15 AMAs hosted with communities and exchanges.

● PROXI DeFi completed Community-round Tokensale in 1.3 Seconds with a winning rate of 3.57%.

● PROXI DeFi established Strategic Partnership with IOST, Ankr and ecological collaboration with Tron and Justswap in co-building DeFi ecology.

● PROXI $CREDIT Completed AUCTION on Mesa with Highest Price Hike of 27.5X

● PROXI has been supported by top-class communities across the globe.

● PROXI DeFi launched Staking on Bithumb Global and Yield Farming on Uniswap

Ecological Construction

● $CREDIT Listed on exchanges

PROXI DeFi utility token $CREDIT will be listed on Bithumb Global,, MXC, Boboo and Hoo exchanges. Also, users can enjoy farming $CREDIT on Uniswap.

Through the listings, PROXI DeFi provides better liquidity and facilitates users with acquisition of $CREDITs.

● PROXI DeFi completed Community-round Tokensale in 1.3 Seconds

PROXI has completed the Community-round Tokensale of Proxi DeFi’s utility token $CREDIT at 20:00 PM on August 5th HongKong time. The Tokensale was completed within 1.3 seconds with a winning rate of 3.57%.

● PROXI $CREDIT Completed AUCTION on Mesa with Highest Price Hike of 27.5X

On Aus 19th, $CREDIT tokens were auctioned on Mesa. The initial AUCTION price of $CREDIT is $0.25. The highest Price Hike is 27.5X! Total Capital Sum of involvement is 15,751ETH.

● PROXI launched Yield Farming Campaign on Uniswap

Starting from Aug 20th, PROXI team moved enough CREDIT ERC20 tokens from the mining pool as the rewards of the Uniswap Yield Farming Campaign. Upon the end of the 1-week period, if there are CREDIT left in the contract, the remaining will be locked up again. To fully incentivize the farmers in the pool, the initial expected APY in CREDIT for this promotion will be around 300%!

● PROXI Launches Staking program on Bithumb Global

To celebrate $CREDIT’s official listing on Bithumb Global, PROXI DeFi launched the $CREDIT Staking program on Bithumb Global. Starting from August 25, 2020, 15:00 (UTC+8), users can use the Staking service to enjoy APY of 88%. The staking duration is 60 days.

● Global Ecological Strategic Partnership

On Aug 26th, PROXI and Ankr announced the Strategic Partnership. This collaboration will enable PROXI users to deploy their own nodes in minutes with Ankr’s secure and simple solution, guaranteeing secure and reliable encryption without sacrificing the key features of decentralization while improving the user experience of the whole network.

PROXI established official collaboration with Tron and Justswap in co-building DeFi Ecology. Both parties will further cooperation in terms of technology collaboration, business development, marketing promotions as well as ecology support.

PROXI’s holistic approach to DeFi and cross-chain interoperability will open up more use cases and users base for IOST. As strategic partners, PROXI and IOST shall mutually leverage on each other with community growth, product development, technical support as well as marketing resources. The two parties aim to jointly create a decentralized world with a sustainable and profitable DeFi network.

Community Development

● PROXI DeFi was invited to more than 15 AMA sessions

PROXI DeFi’s Head of Marketing Paul Jancovic was invited to over 15 AMA sessions with communities across the globe including Russia, Indonesia, Europe etc and exchanges including Bithumb Global etc. Community members and exchange users were excited about the potential and long-term development of PROXI DeFi as a DeFi 2.0 Protocol.

Head of Marketing Paul was also invited in several AMA sessions co-hosted with partners and exchanges.

● PROXI DeFi hosted Yield Farming Giveaway to pay back the community

To show our gratitude for the support from the community, PROXI DeFi hosted Giveaway to pay back the community.

Media Coverage

Coverage by World Top Influencers and Media

PROXI DeFi gained attention from world-leading crypto independent review sites including CryptoDiffer, Top 7 ICO, DeFi List, DeFi News etc.


PROXI is DeFi 2.0 for Cross Chain Derivative Issuance and Credit Lending. PROXI provides the smartest way to invest derivative assets and earn interests with credit-based high leverage tools through the decentralized secure protocol.

The mission of PROXI is to build a one-stop platform for cross-chain multi-asset collateral service, Credit-based lending, derivative issuance, trading and asset management in the DeFi area, providing users with revolutionary, decentralized, and risk-minimized financial products.

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