3D Printing: The not-so Big Cheese.

Originally I was going to print something in line for the planter project.

But roughly around midnight late Tuesday, an idea struck me.


Not just any cheese though. Swiss cheese. From the people renowned for watches and chocolate, come holey dairy products,

Exhibit A: The “real” Swiss Cheese

I thought it would be a good experiment for how the 3D printer deals with less regular shapes. Also cheese is fun to look at. It was good practice with Tinker cad and the cylinder and sphere tools.

I got a quick design together and then refined it once we got to class.

Exhibit B: Not bad, could be better.

This is a decent angle of it. Cheese has some semi-random holes in it so there are some choices in the looks. I’m mainly interested if the printer will do it well.

Will update when finished printing.

High quality photo of the cheese.

9/15/17 Edit: The print came out pretty good.

I was expecting trouble with holes but only one was difficult. I cleared it out with a pair of pliers.

Other than it being green, I like it. Wouldn’t look out of place in a Dr. Seuss book.

Overall, not a bad first time. I’ll be more discerning with odd shapes next time.

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