We don’t use the words that describe reality accurately.
Fascism — 1, Reality — 0
umair haque

Corruption — Nepotism — Extermination

I have wondered about this too. People are refraining from using the correct word.

With this last election we witnessed the fury of the American people against a corrupt system. (See Jon Stewart’s challenge to Nancy Pelosi)

Nepotism: It worked for Bush when his son was appointed (not elected) and subsequently crowned president but not for Clinton whose wife won the majority vote but not the slavery-favoured electoral college. Now Trump’s family is attempting to “run” the country.

This is, yes, the “N”-word, Nepotism.

What is happening in Flint and the police 👮 shootings of innocent African-Americans is extermination.

It is genocide.

Stop ✋

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