Any opinions on the beard? Also, how long is Rufus going to stay in Denmark?
Gerard Mclean


Rufus looks good, with or without the perfectly-groomed beard. I deeply appreciate style in a man:

My impression was that he’s on his way back to the US and was only going to be here for a few days.

The auditorium was packed. I didn’t hear about the event until the same day.

I attempted to bribe people on Twitter for tickets with this hand-sewn-by-me bald-eagle/brown-bear bag:

I approached the people in the queue but even though they politely admired the bag, they didn’t find it sufficiently enticing to give up their tickets, not unless I offered more money. We laughed and joked; everybody was in a good mood, but no tickies were forthcoming.

My 14-year-old son was chafing at the bit so I gave him the 200kr that his ticket would have cost and he hurried to the store to buy the simple ingredients for the most delicious home-cooked food I’ve eaten in a long time. He made a rice vermicelli dish with chicken and broccoli that tasted heavenly and that was ready for me when I got home from hobnobbing with the beautiful and the famous.

You see, I decided to wait and take my chances. Isn’t there always someone who dosen’t show?

This time, luckily for me, there was.

I had pled my case with the young lady at the door and at five minutes to five she smiled and waved me in.

Rufus was lively, interesting and well-informed; I enjoyed the evening, delighting in his informal style, his immense charm and his charisma.

Thank you so much for asking me for my opinion Gérard; it dosen’t happen often so I appreciate it very much.

Nice to hear from you; thanks again for responding. Looking forward to meeting you someday in Copenhagen.