A Fond Farewell to Millennial

Today we are sad to share that Megan Tan has made the decision to discontinue the production of Millennial. Millennial began three years ago as a podcast about the intimate details of Megan’s life as she navigated the world post-college graduation, eventually producing a hit podcast and joining Radiotopia.

As a constant focus on herself became untenable, Megan shifted to telling the coming-of-age stories of other people in season three. This transformed the show’s initial intent, causing its identity to blur and making regularly produced episodes more challenging. Megan felt caught in between what the show was from the start and what it was turning into. Instead of continuing to fit Millennial into a form it wasn’t meant to take, Megan has made the difficult decision to bring the show to a close.

“We’ve been so proud to have Megan in the Radiotopia family. She’s talented, ambitious, and has produced an unmatched body of work over Millennial’s three seasons that will continue to inspire listeners of all ages.” said Julie Shapiro, executive producer of Radiotopia. “No doubt, her next project will surprise and delight us, whatever it is, as Millennial has over the course of its nearly 50 episodes.”

From Megan:

“As hard as it was to decide to bring the show to an end, in a lot of ways, I think it was time. I feel incredibly thankful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch a show I started in my closet grow into a Radiotopia podcast. We told important, sincere stories, and had the freedom to experiment in ways we couldn’t have under the guidance of any other network.”

Listen to the last episode of Millennial, “Saying Goodbye,” below. It’s a true homage to the show: the last three years of Megan’s life, her triumphs and tribulations and the other central characters listeners have come to know.

And hear some of Megan’s favorite moments from Millennial:

When Millennial was first reviewed by a major publication (Episode 7 “What’s Your Worth”)

When Megan started to build a team (Episode #17 “Fake It Till You Make It”)

And when Millennial found a home with Radiotopia (Episode #18 “Nothin’ But Net”)

If you haven’t listened to Millennial yet, start the three-season show at episode 1, and enjoy the ride. We are sure to be hearing from Megan again soon.

Megan and Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX and Radiotopia