Celebrating 100 Episodes of Mortified

The Mortified Podcast celebrates its 100th episode this week, a huge milestone for the show and the organization, which also puts on an international stage show, has a film on Netflix, two books, and a television show.

Today’s episode explores the idea of milestones in people’s childhoods, using some favorite clips from episodes 1–99 chosen by co-creators Dave Nadelberg and Neil Katcher. The pair also shares their own stories, and interview a 99-year-old about how it feels to turn 100. Read on to hear Dave and Neil’s top favorite moments from the last 100 episodes. Here’s to 100 more, team Mortified!

Episode #40 Sarah: Everyone Knows I Love You

We love Sarah’s diaries so much in part because she feels like a real-life version of Tina from Bob’s Burgers.

Episode #90: Kid Criminals (feat. Phoebe Judge)

We had lots of fun getting to explore the world of kids and crime. But it was even more to get to feature teenage stories from Criminal host Phoebe Judge. So much so that we plan to feature more stories from other Radiotopia hosts in the future.

Episode #96 Jesse: My Two Moms

A funny and fascinating portrait of family.

Episode #25 Ashley: Why I Hate The SATs

Imagine taking the biggest test of your life. Now imagine the worst case scenario happening while taking said test. Ashley’s story made us relive stress levels we didn’t remember existed.

Episode #67 Chandrika: From India With Love

One of the fun things about featuring audio from shows recorded in cities worldwide is that we occasionally stumble on people like Chandrika, whose hilarious diaries are also heard in Mortified’s Totally Juvenile Election Special (episode 76).

Episode #47 Will: I Was A Teenage Media Mogul

This episode is one we’re really proud of. It’s the story about Will, a closeted teenager who retreats to his bedroom and records a series of audio tapes — basically creating an imaginary radio station. Will’s story is funny but also beautiful and just kicks you in the gut. In my opinion, Neil did an incredible job assembling and hosting this episode. It’s an example of what kind of twists our show can take.

Episode #36 Tyler & Janelle: Love, America Online Style

If you’ve ever dated or flirted online, this episode will make you realize it’s always been a painful experience.

Episode #50: I Was A Boy Band Fangirl

This episode showcases Hanson, NSYNC, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys in a way you’d never expect. Plus NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre visits our show and helps us form our OWN boy band. Warning: this episode contains some pretty terrible singing from Neil and I at the end. Plus some lovely vocals from podcasters Nate Dimeo, Hrishi Hirway, and Martin Zaltz Austwick.

Episode #100: The Milestones Episode

To celebrate the milestone of our 100th show, we interviewed a 99-year-old woman and turned the tables on ourselves to feature our OWN milestones and awkward memories. Personally, I’m a little terrified of people hearing this one because we get a little, well, revealing.

Neil and Dave

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