From Project Catapult: ‘Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller’

This is part of a series that looks at the shows in Project Catapult’s first cohort.

Lauren Schiller says we’re at a turning point for women in this country, which is what her podcast, Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller, seeks to unravel and understand.

“Even though our society has been incrementally building towards equality for women and men, right now it seems like we’ve taken a couple of steps backward — and it’s a question — how will women rise up?” Schiller said. “So my show asks that question: ‘How will women rise up?’ And, ‘What happens when we do?’ ”

Schiller’s Inflection Point, from KALW and PRX, features women who are changing the status quo, from iconic women like Gloria Steinem and Eve Ensler, to female authors, filmmakers, scientists, attorneys, business leaders, academics and journalists — “a wide range of women we can all take inspiration and information from,” Schiller said.

“At the heart of this show, these are conversations only two women could have, but everyone needs to hear,” she said.

Schiller’s two daughters are a source of inspiration in crafting her podcast, because she says wants to model for them what women can do to make a difference. But she also hopes to inspire the women — and men — who listen.

“I think this show has the potential to be a catalyst for more rising up stories to be heard on the show and off, to get us talking to each other and learning from each other and making it happen,” Schiller said.

She very much believes women’s stories and actions wield the power to change the way our country, and our world, treats women and girls.

“I have literally been marching for equality since I was 8 years old — starting with the march on Washington for the Equal Rights Amendment,” Schiller said. “We now find ourselves with another significant opportunity to rise, and we intend to keep the momentum going. We will continue to find and share these stories and experiences.”

Lauren Schiller, left, and Eric Wayne are the two original members of the Inflection Point team, which now also includes Alaura Weaver.

She says that Project Catapult, from PRX and CPB, allowed her and her team — producer/engineer Eric Wayne and story editor/content manager Alaura Weaver — to move forward with this mission, growing and evolving the show.

“We went from a broad — no pun intended! — interview program about ‘women changing the status quo’ that showcased what women are capable of, to one with the singular purpose of sharing how change is actually accomplished by women — how women rise up, and how others can do it, too,” Schiller said.

She believes that if every person who participated in the Women’s March on Jan. 21, 2017, heard the stories she hears and told another five people to listen, women and men would be able to harness their power to disrupt the gender imbalance and “get us closer to equality.”

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