PRX and Radiotopia Listens for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, show the moms in your life your love and appreciation by sharing these special PRX and Radiotopia episodes. The collection proves there is no perfect way to be a mother and that it’s a different journey for everyone. Read and listen on to learn more.

Ear Hustle, “Firsts”

“Firsts” in prison can be especially memorable: the first time you meet your cellie, or leave the prison for medical treatment, or run your first marathon. Alongside these tales, Adnan Khan shares the story of his first visit from his mom, 13 years after he was incarcerated.

This is Love, “Something Large and Wild”

An unconventional love story about a teenager, the pacific ocean, and a wild animal searching for its mom.

The Truth, “Hey Bumblebee”

Meet the most conscientious mom on the playground in this collection of comedy sketches and reminisce about your days on the playground with your mother.

Secrets, “Who Was My Mom?”

When Mohamed’s mom was left alone with her six children, she worked herself to death and eventually collapsed at home with a heart attack. Mohamed was 12 years old. Now, 25 years later, there is no one to answer the questions he would like to ask: How much did his mom know about Maria, his secret sister? How much did his father lie to her?

99% Invisible, “Miss Manhattan”

All around the country, there stands a figure so much a part of historical architecture and urban landscapes that she is rarely noticed. Now nearly forgotten, Audrey Munson was once the most famous artist’s model in the United States. This episode tells the story of a daughter engraved in stone in cities from coast to coast, and a mother who goes on a journey with her from the beginning of her modeling career to the bitter end.

The Allusionist, “Baby Talk”

Child psychologist Ben Jeffes explains why mothers sound so strange when talking to babies and how it helps kids acquire language. Travel back in time, remember your parents’ voices and learn how they helped you learn to talk.

Criminal, “The Mothers”

This episode interviews three members of a group in Durham, NC called Parents of Murdered Children. The homicide rate is high in Durham, and photojournalist Justin Cook has spent 10 years documenting the impact. You can see his work here.

The Kitchen Sisters Present, “Hidden Kitchen Mama”

Kitchens and mothers. The food they cooked or didn’t. The stories they told or couldn’t. In honor of mothers from around the world, The Kitchen Sisters linger in the kitchen — the room in the house that counts the most and smells the best, where families gather and children are fed, where all good parties begin and end. The room where the best stories are told.

Love + Radio, “Reunion”

When Barbara was reunited with the son she gave up for adoption, it opened up a whole world of weird feelings. Go through a journey with Barbara and Love + Radio that explores the strangeness of reuniting with a family member you never knew.

Us & Them, “Deanna, Tymel & Amarie”

Deanna McKinney experienced one of the hardest things a parent can endure. Her teenage son was gunned down on her front porch by a kid looking to join a gang. Now, she’s making meaning out of the tragedy by working to create a better community for the daughter her son left behind.

Versify, “Sometimes It’s The Simple Things”

For Eloise Briscoe, raising two daughters hasn’t been about splashy gestures, but more “the simple things” — an approach gleaned from the long line of women in her family. As the unofficial family historian, Eloise is a diligent keeper of memories, and in this episode she challenges poet J. Joseph Kane to honor all of these women — Emma, Nana, Margaret, Eloise, Shannon, and Maura — with a poetic gift she intends to share with her 92-year-old mother.

Orbital Path, “Michelle and Her Mom”

In this special Mother’s Day episode, host and NASA scientist Michelle Thaller talks with her mom about what it was like raising a space-obsessed daughter in Wisconsin and watching her grow into a scientist.

Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller, “How to Take Your Reproductive Destiny in Your Own Hands”

Why should biology decide when — or how — you’ll have a baby? And what do advances in medical science mean for the feminist movement? As journalist Rachael Lehmann-Haupt investigated new reproductive technologies, she was faced with her own, personal ‘ticking biological clock.’ She explains she came to her decision to have a child, and shares the pros and cons of having a baby on your own.

The Moth, “Three Cheers for Three Mothers”

In this special Mother’s Day episode, Donna Edwards embarks on the quest to have a child. Rachel Ollerenshaw leaves an important decision to her daughter. Alexandra Rosas learns to be a parent with the help of TV.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at PRX and Radiotopia!