PRX Celebrates 15 Years with Brand Refresh!

PRX is proud to be shaping the future of audio by building technology, training talented producers and connecting them with supportive listeners. This year PRX turns 15, and to celebrate we’re unveiling redesigned branding and a new website!

A Better Website

For the last 15 years, has primarily been home to the PRX Exchange, the world’s first public radio broadcast marketplace. While the Exchange is still the best way for independent producers to get their work heard on public radio, it doesn’t fully capture what PRX has become. This includes our amazing podcasts, proprietary technology, audio training initiatives and more. We wanted to be a place that could tell our full story and serve any type of customer.

The old

We began the redesign by focusing on our core areas of business — our incredible shows, the PRX Exchange for broadcast content, our technology suite for audio and services like training and ad sales. We also wanted to present opportunities to sponsor our podcasts. We added in keys assets like impressive stats, recent news and blog posts, plus a robust branding kit. Later, we wove in high-quality images of our staff and partners in action, at places like the Podcast Garage and industry conferences.

New Look and Feel

Our original logo

Today, PRX offers a wider variety of services than it ever has — from an array of audio distribution methods to top-tier training. We needed the new visual identity to reflect how our business has grown and changed, and had to ensure it remains relevant as we take on exciting new ventures.

Our most recent logo

We also needed an identity that could go beyond our roots as a leader in broadcast radio. We wanted to capture the ideals of the organization and the trustworthiness that our customers have come to expect. PRX is a foundation upon which others can build, so a bold, straightforward look that conveyed the reliability of our team, services and technology was crucial.

We also looked to retain the agility that has defined our organization for over a decade. Our small team works together efficiently, and we rapidly adapt to changes in industry trends. Our new look had to continue to tell that story.

Our logo sits on top of podcast artwork, like HerMoney

The final piece of the puzzle was our relationship with others. PRX is built around core principles that value independence. We work very closely with hundreds of producers and creators, and provide support and services for thousands more, but as an invested partner, not an owner. The PRX brand lives alongside other brands, so it should be visible but not overpowering.

Our new, modern identity and graphics bear the strength and proven reliability of PRX, and provide a platform around which we can build products and initiatives. We think the new “X” mark will come to be recognized as a powerful symbol in the audio world. The brighter, more vibrant colors convey the passion and energy PRX brings to the industry and to our projects. We’re so excited about the new PRX brand and the future it represents for our organization.

Our new logo!

Take a spin through our new website and check it out! Subscribe to all of our amazing podcasts, deep dive into our technology and learn how our industry-leading services can help you tell better stories grow your audience.

Cheers to 15 years!