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PRX Shares “Best of 2022” Podcast Highlights

Podcasts distributed by PRX received year-end acclaim from “The New York Times,” “Vulture,” “The New Yorker,” “BuzzFeed,” “The Atlantic,” “The Guardian,” “Los Angeles Times,” “Bloomberg,” NPR, Apple, and more

  • Three podcasts part of Radiotopia from PRX––a podcast network for independent creators––were named Tribeca Audio Selections by the Tribeca Festival. In addition, Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods of “Ear Hustle” co-authored “This Is Ear Hustle: Unflinching Stories of Everyday Prison Life” (Crown/Random House). In 2022, the book was the San Francisco Public Library’s pick for the “One City One Book” reading program, becoming one of the top-read nonfiction books across the city. As part of the “Fast Company” 2022 World-Changing Ideas Awards, “Ear Hustle” was named among “16 Ideas to Spark Change in the World Through Media and Entertainment.” Also in 2022, PRX was recognized by “Fast Company” as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.
  • In the spring, Hrishikesh Hirway of “Song Exploder” hosted a lively evening of music and conversation at South by Southwest® (SXSW®) in Austin, Texas, and Radiotopia from PRX hosted two events at the 2022 Tribeca Festival in New York City.

Below is a selection of this critical praise. Congratulations to every creator and producer behind each show:

“Articles of Interest” (Avery Trufelman and Radiotopia from PRX) — listen

“It’s one of the few instances when fashion commentary has been placed appropriately in the world of cultural and historical observation, thereby elevating it.” — Susan Orlean (“The Orchid Thief”), via “Vulture”

“Banned” (WWNO/WRKF and PRX) — listen

“Canción Exploder” (Adonde Media and Radiotopia from PRX) — listen

“Ear Hustle” (Radiotopia from PRX) — listen

“In the Scenes Behind Plain Sight” (Ian Chillag, Mike Danforth, and Radiotopia from PRX) — listen

“Kabul Falling” (Project Brazen and PRX) — listen

“The team’s grit and dedication to telling these kinds of stories, in this way, is inspiring. The subjects’ voices have stayed with me.” — Jeff Muskus, “Bloomberg Businessweek”

“Radiotopia Presents: My Mother Made Me” (Radiotopia from PRX) — listen

  • “Vulture — “The Best Podcasts of 2022” (honorable mention)
  • “The Atlantic” — “The 35 Best Podcasts of 2022”
  • Apple Podcasts — “Shows We Loved in 2022”

“Part golden memory, part real-time conversation… this audio diary relies on lyricism and the joy of wordplay, which makes listening a unique pleasure.” — Laura Jane Standley and Eric McQuade, “The Atlantic”

“Reveal” (The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX) — listen

“Extremely difficult… but sheds some light into one of the darkest moments in Mexico’s history.” — Fidel Martinez, “Los Angeles Times”

“Sidedoor” (the Smithsonian and PRX) — listen

  • NPR — “15 binge-worthy podcasts to check out before 2023”

“Sleep With Me” (Drew Ackerman and PRX) — listen

“The Moth” (The Moth and PRX) — listen

“You hear storytellers from all around the world share both significant and insignificant stories that span from serious to comedic… a real down-to-earth sincerity and humanity.” — Loren Cecil, “BuzzFeed”

“This Is Dating” (Magnificent Noise and PRX) — listen

  • “The Financial Times “— “Best podcasts of 2022”
  • “HuffPost” — “The 16 Best Podcasts of 2022”
  • “The Atlantic” — “The 35 Best Podcasts of 2022”
  • “Vulture “— “The Best Podcasts of 2022” (honorable mention)
  • Apple Podcasts — “Shows We Loved in 2022”
  • Spotify — “Best New Podcasts of 2022”

“Even the most diehard reality dating show devotee (me) can admit the genre is lacking in some serious ways… which is where ‘This Is Dating’ comes in.” — Jillian Capewell, “HuffPost”



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