Radiotopia Fundraiser: Halfway There!

We are exactly halfway through our 2017 fundraiser and cannot thank everyone enough for supporting us. We’re currently at an impressive 17,118 donors (1,000+ more donors than we had around the same time during last year’s fundraiser), and we’re totally blown away by the amount of love you’ve sent our way. We are truly humbled.

This year, we’re offering a great mix of thank-you gifts, including a camping mug and socks, and even a Radiotopia Citizen embroidered patch. But more importantly, nearly all of our producers have stepped up to offer special rewards that are near and dear to their hearts. These rewards include things like producer for a day with 99% Invisible, a custom oral history from Criminal, handwritten letters from The Allusionist and lunch with The West Wing Weekly team. As of today, almost all of these have been claimed. We also had a very special Ear Hustle listener offer to create a custom, branded leather tote as a giveaway item. This is in the true spirit of Radiotopia, and it’s what really sets us apart from other networks and fund drives.

To help keep up excitement over the 20-day campaign, this year we introduced sets of merit badge-style stickers. We created a challenge system where each set is unlocked when we reach a certain number of donors. Every donor, at any donation amount, gets all of the unlocked stickers in the mail at the end of the campaign. So far, we’ve reached 17,118 donors and have unlocked the first sticker set — less than 500 more donors to go until the second sticker set is unlocked! More stickers get unlocked as our commuity grows, so we’re all in this together and every donor matters, no matter the dollar amount. And the sticker challenges are working — they’re encouraging donors to share with friends and family and turning out new donations.

“If this program seems valuable, pitch in whatever you can, give one dollar, give five dollars — it never matters how much, I cannot stress that enough. Just raise your hand and say, this show means something to me. You are responsible for the show that exists today, and you ultimately created Radiotopia and drove the whole industry forward. Let’s keep that going at” — Roman Mars

The sticker sets aren’t the only asset driving new donors. We’re lucky to have podcast discovery app RadioPublic as our lead fundraiser sponsor, with a generous gift of $10,000 and functionality that enables listeners to donate right inside the app. RadioPublic curates episodes, offers bonus content from top podcasts, and has a live podcast librarian who can help listeners find new shows. For the fundraiser, the team added functionality so people listening to Radiotopia shows are prompted to donate as they listen, creating an additional avenue for donations and a way to reach even more potential listeners and donors. So far, we’ve seen a steady stream of contributions come through the app and have managed to turn new listeners onto the platform.

Finally, yesterday we announced a first-ever giveaway option. Everyone who donates, no matter the level, is entered to win a trip for two to Radiotopia Live in NYC next year. We saw a flurry of excitement around the announcement and hope it will drive more donations.

So, if you haven’t already, go donate! Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see you backstage at Radiotopia Live.