Radiotopia Launches Showcase

Radiotopia launches a brand new initiative today called Showcase. It’s a podcast that features original, limited-run series of all stripes, from emerging and leading producers around the world. Showcase is a way to support independent producers with powerful ideas that are better suited to short-run series, rather than ongoing shows. With Showcase, Radiotopia can support more diverse voices and perspectives, help this work find an appreciative audience, and continue to back the best talent — both new and established — out there.

Showcase is an opportunity to experiment with Radiotopia’s stylistic parameters, and provide a testing ground for longer-term projects. It will also provide a space for existing Radiotopia producers to experiment and try new forms. From music philosophy to conspiracy theory, personal stories to fiction, no two Showcase series will sound alike. But they’ll all have Radiotopian elements in common: bold ideas, strong storytelling, and innovative, sound-rich production.

Check out the intro episode, where 99% Invisible creator and Radiotopia partner Roman Mars talks with Radiotopia EP Julie Shapiro about Showcase, and how and why it came to be. The episode ends with a preview of the first Showcase series, Ways of Hearing, a six-part podcast about listening in the digital age, from acclaimed musician Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Damon and Naomi). Look out for new episodes every Friday beginning August 4.

Showcase is the perfect way for Radiotopia to invest in unique content that will thrive in a finite series format, ” said Julie Shapiro, executive producer of Radiotopia. “We are excited to work with producers across the world, and of all backgrounds, to support a range of shows that will especially reward the adventurous listener.”

Subscribe to Radiotopia’s Showcase now in Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, or wherever you get your podcasts, to ensure you hear the first Ways of Hearing episode as soon as it drops on August 4.

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