Radiotopia Launches ‘ZigZag’

We’re so excited to announce our brand new podcast, ZigZag, out today. It’s a show about changing the course of capitalism, journalism and women in technology.

Produced by Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant, formerly of Note to Self, ZigZag is a first-hand account of their experience quitting salaried jobs to co-found Stable Genius Productions, a media company with a mission to help people navigate personal and global change. ZigZag also documents their participation in an experimental new marketplace for media: Civil is a platform for news that uses blockchain technology to publish, support and protect good journalism.

Manoush and Jen, the founders of Stable Genius Productions

Over 12 episodes, the show will explore topics like motherhood, journalism, anxiety, tech and society, creative partnerships and vulnerability. Expect a mix of voice memos and taped conversations about entrepreneurship, aligning values with ambitions and building strong partnerships. Jen and Manoush take listeners with them down this rocky path, demonstrating that the road to success isn’t straight — it’s more of a zig zag.

“As new entrepreneurs with a new podcast, we’re honored to be part of Radiotopia.” said Poyant. “We’ve admired the quality of its shows and how the network supports independent podcast producers. Its collective structure and roots in public radio make it the ideal fit for ZigZag.”

During season one, listeners will hear an amazing mix of entrepreneurs including from Roman Mars, co-founder of Radiotopia; Angel investor Jess Verrilli; Matt Lieber and Alex Blumberg, co-founders of Gimlet Media; Joe Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum; and Jessica Lessin, founder of The Information.

On the way, the women will reveal hopes and fears, share lessons from their own #MeToo moments and help listeners understand what the heck blockchain even is. Manoush and Jen feel that society’s current models aren’t working, civil discourse and digital expression are suffering and people are ready for change.

Upcoming episodes

Chapter 1: “Meet the Stable Geniuses”

Manoush and Jen just formed a new kind of media company. But is it possible for them to simultaneously be entrepreneurs, mission-driven journalists, and good mothers without falling off a financial cliff? They quit their public radio jobs to find out. Just as panic starts to set in, they meet a mysterious funder with an intriguing proposal.

Chapter 2: “Blockchain. Block What?”

Manoush and Jen have a lot of questions. Should they stake their careers on the blockchain? How can they explain it without sounding like techno-utopians who have bought into a pyramid scheme? And anyway, can the blockchain really upend how society works… and help fund Manoush and Jen’s media company? Most importantly, can this episode really explain, simply and clearly, what the hell the blockchain is and how it works?

Chapter 3: “A #MeToo Company and Other Funding Models”

In San Francisco, Jen and Manoush attend two very different meetings on how to fund their company. They start to ask: Do women do business differently? Should they?

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