Religion of Sports and PRX Announce A New Podcast Partnership

New must-hear audio series will be announced in 2021. Religion of Sports unveils a podcast team with deep experience in audio storytelling and journalism

David Cotrone
Oct 6, 2020 · 5 min read

Religion of Sports (“ROS”), the Emmy Award-winning sports media company founded by creator Gotham Chopra, six-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady, and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan; and public media organization PRX, today announced a new podcast partnership.

Religion of Sports is known for its distinct point-of-view storytelling and has worked with the leading distribution partners in the business to release award-winning video content including “Tom vs. Time,” “Stephen vs. The Game,” “Greatness Code,” and “Shut Up and Dribble,” as well as the “Now for Tomorrow with Deepak Chopra and More Than A Game” podcasts. In 2021, Religion of Sports will expand further into podcasting, releasing a slate of new shows bridging a wide variety of topics. They’ll include long-form narrative series — ranging from a deep dive into the evolving role of sports as part of American identity, to an investigation into a controversial and ground-breaking sports figure, to one man’s journey to uncover and solve various sports mysteries — in addition to podcasts tackling topics such as sports and spirituality, and the unique ways athletes push the limits of human potential to reach peak mental and physical performance.

As an audio and technology leader, PRX will serve as a distribution partner with its best-in-class podcast publishing platform. Also as part of the partnership, PRX will provide support through podcast sponsorship services and promotion, as well as editorial and production collaboration.

“Three years ago, Tom, Michael, and I started Religion of Sports to tell stories that answered a central question: why do sports matter? We had a vision to tell these stories about how sports test the limits of human potential, change the fabric of our society and culture, and are a prism by which we can better understand ourselves and the world,” said Gotham Chopra, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Religion of Sports. “Our video projects have captured the attention and imagination of hundreds of millions of people, and we are so excited to bring the same vision, intensity, and mission to audio. There is no better partner to do that with than PRX. We couldn’t be more excited for you to hear what we have in store.”

“At PRX, we aim to expand possibilities of public media while partnering with incredible creators,” said Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development at PRX. “It’s a thrill to partner with the master creators at Religion of Sports. We share a commitment to high-quality storytelling that resonates deeply with audiences and can’t wait to help bring listeners must-hear programming in the year ahead.”

The Religion of Sports podcast team features experienced audio producers, storytellers, and journalists. Further information regarding the team is below:

  • Gotham Chopra (Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Religion of Sports), executive producer and director of video series seen on Facebook Watch and Showtime, including “Tom vs. Time,” “Kobe Bryant’s Muse,” “Stephen vs. the Game,” and “Shut Up and Dribble”;
  • Ameeth Sankaran (CEO of Religion of Sports), executive producer of video series from Religion of Sports viewed on Facebook Watch, Showtime, and Apple TV+ as well as the “Why Sports Matter” podcast;
  • Adam Schlossman (Co-Executive Producer), former manager for major label artist Delta Rae, manager of Peabody Award-winning SCOTUSblog, producer of “Why Sports Matter” and co-producer of “Now for Tomorrow with Deepak Chopra” podcasts
  • Kate McAuliffe (Senior Producer), former producer/story editor of podcasts “Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein” from ABC, “Mobituraries with Mo Rocca” from CBS, and “Imagined Life” from Wondery. Worked on first three seasons of ESPN’s “30 for 30” podcast series;
  • Jessica Pupovac (Senior Producer), former producer at NPR’s “Morning Edition,” NPR Investigations, and editor for WBEZ Chicago’s “Curious City” podcast;
  • Tim Rohan (Senior Writer and Host), former writer, producer, and host of the “Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan” podcast from Sports Illustrated, staff writer at Sports Illustrated, and reporter at The New York Times;
  • Ben Baskin (Senior Writer and Host), former staff writer at Sports Illustrated and two-time Pro Football Writers of America award winner;
  • Joan Niesen (Contributing Senior Writer and Host), former staff writer at Sports Illustrated and Denver Broncos beat writer for the Denver Post;
  • Michael Garofalo (Story Editor), Peabody Award-winning former producer/editor for NPR’s weekly series “StoryCorps” and the inaugural audio fellow at Kickstarter;
  • Timothy Lou Ly (Associate Producer), former producer for podcasts “The Moth Radio Hour,” “Should This Exist?,” and “Meditative Story”;
  • Devon Manze (Associate Producer), former producer for the “Why Sports Matter” podcast and the NFL Network program “NFL GameDay Morning”;
  • Meghan Coyle (Production Assistant), former digital campaign manager at NPR and digital news clerk at Southern California Public Radio; and,
  • Iggy Monda (Production Assistant), former associate producer at Yahoo! Finance’s VOD team and for the “Electionomics” podcast.

New podcast programming from Religion of Sports and PRX will be announced at a later date.

Religion of Sports is an Emmy Award-winning sports media company co-founded by Tom Brady, Gotham Chopra, and Michael Strahan, built on the thesis that sports are religion. The company produces content focused on a single narrative of ‘Why Sports Matter’ to explore greatness and human potential. Religion of Sports has produced hundreds of thousands of hours of content across mediums, from short-form video to podcasts to feature films, including its flagship Religion of Sports Series, “Shut Up and Dribble,” “Tom vs. Time,” and “Greatness Code.” For more information, visit

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