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Radiotopia from PRX — a network of independent podcasts — invites listeners to new episodes of acclaimed podcasts featuring must-hear stories and perspectives, including “The Stoop” from Leila Day and Hana Baba, “Adult ISH” from YR Media, “Mumbai Crime” from Goldhawk Productions, “In the Scenes Behind Plain Sight” from Ian Chillag and Mike Danforth, and “The Truth” from Jonathan Mitchell.

Each show is available free across all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.

The Stoop,” a podcast exploring stories from across the Black diaspora, today launches a new season. New episodes of the podcast are available every other Thursday. Co-hosts and creators Hana Baba and Leila Day present stories about Blackness in America and globally while celebrating Black joy in all its diversity as they bring identity, journalism, storytelling, and creativity together in one place.

Today’s episode of “The Stoop” centers around planning the future without loved ones. Co-creator Leila Day explores legacy through a conversation with her mom, who is planning for her legacy to live on for 100 years. But how do you talk about death… without talking about death? Digging deep into issues that aren’t always openly discussed except in living rooms, kitchen tables, and on the front stoop, future episodes this season will explore the Black experience with psychedelics, feeling ostracized when you don’t speak your ‘mother tongue,’ share the sounds of Blackness in the UK (the next installment in the beloved “Sounds of Blackness” episodes), consider the term ‘auntie,’ spend a day within Nairobi with Internet personality Hope Hajir, who decided to leave America for good, and more.

“The Stoop” won a 2023 Gracie Award for a story about secrets from history embedded in the architecture of Charleston, South Carolina and was honored with a Salute to Excellence by National Association of Black Journalists in 2022 for an episode regarding corporal punishment. The show has been praised by “The Root,” LA Review of Books’ “Podcast Review,” and “Ebony,” among others.

Hana Baba and Leila Day of “The Stoop”

The Truth — the trailblazing fiction podcast from Peabody Award-winning producer Jonathan Mitchell, bringing a contemporary storytelling sensibility to traditional rich, evocative pieces — also returns with new episodes. A new episode titled “Heat Meet,” about an unconventional hot sauce convention, is written by Hunter Nelson and features actors including James Urbaniak (“Difficult People”) and Tallie Medel (“Everything Everywhere All At Once”). New episodes of “The Truth” are released every other Wednesday. Upcoming episodes include stories about a gambling addict restoring a classic automobile (written by Louis Kornfeld), a young woman with an instruction manual for her boyfriend’s life (written by Mary McDonnell), and a multi-episode murder mystery set in New York’s Hudson Valley and the world of performance art. Listen now.

Adult ISH” — the award-winning advice, culture, and storytelling podcast — is also recently back for a season, with episodes released on Thursdays. Co-hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique “Dom” French explore taboo subjects in an effort to lift stigmas and to process all the hard stuff, together. Turner and French aim to create a space to be curious in the world where we’re supposed to have it all figured out, with episodes this season delving into stories of cannabis, self-love shams, the joy of drag, grudges, and up-and-coming stars. This may be the most boundary-pushing season of “Adult ISH” yet. Listen now.

Fans of audio fiction will enjoy a new series of “Mumbai Crime” from John Scott Dryden and Ayeesha Menon of Goldhawk Productions, which features thrillers, crime stories, and mysteries recorded immersively on the streets of Mumbai, India. In recently-launched season two of “Undercover City,” disgraced police officer Alia Khan seeks a life of obscurity. But murder soon comes knocking at her door. Series available to binge from “Mumbai Crime” include “The Seventh Test,” inspired by author Vikas Swarup’s “The Accidental Apprentice,” and “Q&A,” an adaptation of the best-selling novel that inspired the film “Slumdog Millionaire.” An interview with the show’s innovative creators is available via the podcast from the iconic Tribeca Festival, spotlighting today’s greatest audio storytellers.

This month, “In the Scenes Behind Plain Sight” from creators Ian Chillag (“Everything Is Alive”) and Mike Danforth (“Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”) returns for its third season. In this comedic series praised by “The New York Times,” “Lifehacker,” and named one of the best podcasts of 2023 so far by “Vulture,” former co-stars Ian and Mike rewatch each episode of “Behind Plain Sight”…. a hit 2002–2007 TV show that never existed. It’s all made up. Sharing behind the scenes stories and secrets, Ian and Mike talk about what’s going on in their lives now. As one example, in the second season, they announced their groundbreaking collaboration: “Missing From a Van: Where They Were Found.”

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