This is Love Returns with Season Two

Six new love stories from the creators of Criminal

Maggie Taylor
Nov 14, 2018 · 3 min read
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In February, the award-winning creators of the hit Radiotopia podcast Criminal started a new show, and surprised everyone by turning their attention to an investigation of a very different kind — love.

The first season of This is Love was met with adoring reviews from press and listeners alike.

“Like Criminal, This is Love is a careful combination of interviews, music and Judge’s narration that makes for a seamless and satisfying listening experience.” USA Today

“Not-so-obvious stories of sacrifice, obsession and devotion… An intriguing must-listen.”

Season two features offbeat stories similar to season one, but will not center on traditional romance and couples. Expect to hear stories about how to be alone, how to live forever, how to wait, how to worry and how to love.

“We’re not doing conventional couples stories this season. With season two, we’ve brought a more experimental approach. In the first episode we’re doing something we’ve never done before: sharing a personal story from Phoebe about her sister’s death, and the relationship between audio, memory and grief.” — Co-creator Lauren Spohrer

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Left to right: Lauren Spohrer, Phoebe Judge and producer Nadia Wilson

“We set out to find stories that challenge the notion of what love means. In those stories, we’ve explored just how far love can take us. It isn’t always the easiest or straightest path, but we’ve discovered love never waivers. It’s a constant variable in how or why people act.” — Host Phoebe Judge

Episode 1: How to Live Forever

An experiment in living together, forever.

Martine Rothblatt and her wife, Bina Aspen Rothblatt, are developing a method by which they can upload their consciousnesses into a “mindfile,” so that even when their bodies fail, they can still be together. They created a robot, Bina48, to look like the real Bina. She gets her own seat on airplanes, she wears Bina’s clothes and jewelry and represents the Rothblatts’ desire not to lose one another, or be left behind.

“A lot of our work at Criminal takes us down rabbit holes of people treating each other pretty badly. With This is Love, we get to talk to people about the best moments of their lives. It turns out people can be pretty nice to each other, whether they’re in romantic relationships or not.” — Lauren Spohrer

Other episodes this season will feature a man who escaped from society more than 30 years ago, a lonely snail, an artist who created his own color, Prince’s sound engineer and a woman who found a letter and became obsessed with finding its author.

For more listening and to get in the spirit, check out this playlist of songs that inspired the season, curated by Lauren and Phoebe.

Episodes drop weekly on Wednesdays, through December 17.

Find This is Love in Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic or wherever you listen. To see behind the scenes photos throughout the season, follow the show on Twitter or Facebook.

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