Ethereum 2.0 Development Update #28— Prysmatic Labs

Raul Jordan
Jun 6, 2019 · 7 min read

Our biweekly updates written by the entire Prysmatic Labs team on the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap

Testnet Updates

Known Bugs & Fixes

Prysm Testnet WIth Improved Resilience

Our original release targeted version 0.4 of the Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 specification, which is radically different from the latest spec, version 0.6. In the previous version, several bugs arose in our state transition function and fork choice algorithm to determine the best chain. Many users have encountered these errors throughout their experience, although most of them can be easily resolved by restarting a node that gets into a faulty condition and syncing with other peers.

Future Testnet Plans

In the short term, however, our main focus is a v0.6 Prysm testnet, which will be fully updated to conform with the aforementioned tests as well as fix the known bugs from our current testnet for our users. This release will have much better UX, be more resilient, and be a lot closer to what mainnet Prysm clients will look like. As always, join our discord or follow us here on medium to stay updated on our new releases.

Merged Code, Pull Requests, and Issues

Rapid Progress Towards Latest v0.6 Specification

This refactor affects the core pieces of Eth2 proof of stake and its data structures for the better. We have successfully split the work between the team and are on track to merge all the changes into the master branch very soon.

Ethereum 2.0 Data API

We’ve started collecting use cases in this product requirements document. We’d love to hear your feedback if there are any missing use cases here or any specific asks for phase 0. The detailed design on the API server schema will start in the coming weeks and then client developers will commit and converge on a single schema.

P2P Connection Manager Design

Epoch Processing Massive Optimizations



Upcoming Work

Update Our Runtime to Latest Spec

In the journey to update our clients to the latest spec, it will also involve fixing runtime bugs that pop up due to the changes. This is being handled in this PR.

Update Simple Serialize (SSZ) to Latest v0.6 Specification

A properly implemented SSZ important for a multi-client test net, so we've been focusing on aligning our SSZ to the latest spec! The most notable changes include the addition of `signing_root` for signing data without its "signature" field (in BeaconChainBlock for example), and a rather drastic change to the main `hash_tree_root` function which is the main function used for serializing data in Eth2. You can view this tracking issue for more details. We will perform benchmarks after these updates are complete so we can decide if further improvements to our implementation will be needed.

On top of this, we've moved SSZ to its own repo now under the name go-ssz! This makes it easier for contributors to submit issues, make PRs, and in general makes organizing for go-ssz much cleaner.


Prysmatic at Scaling ETH Workshop Toronto

Interested in Contributing?

We are always looking for devs interested in helping us out. If you know Go or Solidity and want to contribute to the forefront of research on Ethereum, please drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to help onboard you :).

Check out our contributing guidelines and our open projects on Github. Each task and issue is grouped into the Phase 0 milestone along with a specific project it belongs to.

As always, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord server and let us know what you want to help with.

Official, Prysmatic Labs Ether Donation Address

Official, Prysmatic Labs ENS Name

Prysmatic Labs

Implementing Ethereum 2.0 - Full Proof of Stake + Sharding

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