Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Update #1

Terence Tsao
Nov 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Our testnet updates are brought to you by the entire Prysmatic Labs team

Testnet Network Stats

Just a week ago, we relaunched our Prysm single client test network . aligned with v0.9.0 of the beacon chain spec. Below are some interesting stats on how far the testnet has grown over the week. As we are heading towards multi-client testnets then the anticipated mainet release, it’s important to share our progress as a set of milestones. These stats were determined at UTC time 18-Nov-19 14:48:11:

🔹 Total peer count: 48 (Prysmatic Labs runs 10)

🔹 Current slot number: 49900

🔹 Last finalized epoch number: 6235

🔹 Active validator count: 319

🔹 Ejected validator count: 40 (Due to high ejection threshold, 93.75% of full deposit amount)

🔹 Reorg count: 16

finalized epoch trending upwards and that’s good📈

Out of all the stats, we are most proud of how many external peers there are. This wouldn't’ have be possible without all your support. To run beacon node and/or stake with a validator client:

Comprehensive RPC Endpoints

For those unfamiliar, we have been working on a well-documented, robust set of APIs for Ethereum Serenity, which we maintain in our official prysmaticlabs/ethereumapis repo and ensure we have full parity with its schema in our Prysm project. Our RPC library is the popular gRPC toolkit created by Google and used by major companies around the world, which brings us a ton of utilities built-in. Having our APIs specified in protobufs makes for an unambiguous schema that many are familiar with the industry. Instead of reinventing the wheel, our protobuf definitions allow us to easily generate library Go code from the API definition, create documentation for it automatically using the great Swagger project, and more.

Our schema also comes with JSON over HTTP baked in by default, making it trivial to support typical REST-API use-cases in our testnet via gRPC. With the testnet running in the background, the RPC end points to query testnet stats are working as expected. Take a look at the current API offering and let us know what more you would like to see.

Want to know the latest chain head info?
Want to know what’s in block of slot 49900?

Beacon Chain Explorer

Shout to Bitfly for putting together this amazing beacon chain explorer. We love how easy this makes to inspect beacon bocks and attestations. Peter from Bitfly has given us many valuable feedbacks on the beacon chain API, we were grateful for that and really excited for this initiative!


We are proud to see how the testnet has evolved over time and has become more stable compared to previous iterations. Fixing critical bugs and achieving important milestones have proven the stability of our network and the protocol is improving upon every iteration. That’s it for a quick update! As always, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord and let us know what you want to help with ❤

Terence Tsao

Written by

Building Ethereum 2.0 client at Prysmatic Labs @Prylabs

Prysmatic Labs

Implementing Ethereum 2.0 - Full Proof of Stake + Sharding

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