P.S. I Hate You
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P.S. I Hate You

Learning To Write Was My Awakening!

It was like a veil had been lifted off my life!


I have been writing for about a year now on Medium. It’s been a learning curve, and I have had my ups and downs. Before this, the last time I wrote was in college, forty-plus years ago

I started writing at the beginning of the pandemic as I was feeling a little low, so my lover told me to write…




P.S. I Hate You is dedicated to giving a voice to the people who said fuck you to the world and then moved on, stronger, smarter, tougher for it. Join us on our journey.

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I’m real, true to myself, no pretence, just trying to survive my complicated life!! Please be kind! I do hope that I entertain you with some of my stories.

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