P.S. I Hate You
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P.S. I Hate You

Spare Us, Harry

You’re boring

Is anyone else getting tired of Prince Harry the Whiner, Earl of Santa Barbara, and 5th in line of succession to the House of Windsor, going on and on? And don’t you get the feeling it’s more about $$ and revenge than anything else?

If leaks from his new book are anything to go by, the story’s getting thin —

  • William collared Harry and knocked him over, breaking…



P.S. I Hate You is dedicated to giving a voice to the people who said fuck you to the world and then moved on, stronger, smarter, tougher for it. Join us on our journey.

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Teresa J Conway 🧚🏻‍♀️

Wife, mother, author, and mature adulteress. Wrote How to Cheat — Field Notes from an Adulteress. Email me at teresa@theconwayagency.com