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Sony recently announced a whole host of upcoming PSVR games for 2017 and 2018. So if you’re curious to find out about upcoming PSVR games 2018 has to offer, read on. I addition, why not check out our dedicated page for PlayStation VR games release dates here. There are already over a 100 titles on PS VR, many which are set for release in 2017. In this post we’ll be looking at next years PS VR releases only.

The coming year is already shaping up nicely for the Virtual Reality gaming platform. Check out the current list of upcoming PSVR games 2018 has in store below:

Upcoming PSVR Games 2018 List

Quar Infernal Machines Funbox Media Ltd March 30 2018

Coming from UK based publisher and developer Funbox Media is the turn based strategy VR game Quar: Infernal Machines for PS4 and PSVR. Set in the land which all Quar nations call home, decades of turmoil finally come to a head in Infernal Machines. You will have to command your armies against the enemy who is bent on ruling all of the Quars and defend Gate 18.

The turn-based VR combat game will be feature move controller support, over 6 hours of gameplay, and more than 12 levels to complete. There will also be 18 individual enemy and friendly units including cavalry, infantry, and snipers. Lastly, winning the war will also depend on keeping your troops happy, — from providing better food to accommodation.

Quar: Infernal Machines is the first of the upcoming PSVR games 2018 has to offer to get a firm release date. The title lands on PS4 and PS VR on March 30 2018.

Alvo Mardonpool Early 2018

Alvo is an online tactical VR first person shooter from Mardonpool, the developers of Quiz Night Tonight. The game will feature the close quarters military combat of games such as Counterstrike and comes to PSVR early 2018.

Blasters of the Universe Secret Location Early 2018

Golem Highwire Games Early 2018

Golem is the first game from Highwire Games in the studios new form as an independent game developer. First announced for PS VR in 2015, the game sees players take on the role of an adventurous kid who develops the ability to control Golems during his recuperation. In the game, a PlayStation VR exclusive, players will be able to control not only one, but several golems. See the announcement trailer above to find out what to make of this interesting and intriguing title.

More Upcoming PSVR Games 2018

That’s not all though, because there are several more upcoming PSVR games 2018 has penciled in. The list includes mystery horror title Dead Secret from Robot Invader, and Grab Games’ Knockout League, among others. Check out the rest of the upcoming PSVR games 2018 has confirmed so far:

Dead Secret Robot Invader TBC

A Virtual Reality horror mystery thriller title that immerses you in the murder scene through PSVR. You’ll have to find out who killed the reclusive professor or become the next victim.

Dragonflight VR Blackthorn Media TBC

Engage in epic fast paced combat and battles with up to 20 opponents while riding a dragon!

Upcoming PSVR Games 2018 — Drone Fighters TBC

Virtual Reality Drone fights in this arcade style title from SurrealVR.

Dungeon Chess Experiment 7 TBC

Knockout League Grab Games TBC

Knockout League is an arcade style Boxing video game built entirely with a focus on VR. Punch, duck, and dive as you fight a motley crew of opponents to become champion.

Pixel Ripped 1989 Pixel Ripped Inc TBC

The American Dream Samurai Punk Pty Ltd TBC

Torn Aspyr TBC

Torn screenshot

Ultimately, more upcoming PSVR games for 2018 and their release dates will be added to this page as they are announced. Which of the upcoming PSVR games 2018 has in store are you looking forward to the most? — Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Originally published at PlayStation 4 Magazine.