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Breaking Fast

A casual breakfast with a friend.
Lingering over coffee in the quiet of an early morning.
The informality.
The closeness.
The openness of the connection.

Moments like these build relationships.
We savor such times before the day kicks into high gear.
We reserve these for our most important friendships.

But what of Jesus?
When do we connect with him?
How do we build that relationship?

Do we set aside our best moments to draw close to him?
Do we savor time spent with him?
Does time with him recharge us?
Give us the strength to endure the rest of our day?

Lord, today I’ll start my day with you.
I’ll linger over my coffee as I meditate on your words.
As I listen for your direction in my day.
And I’ll carry your strength out of that quiet moment,
 and into my day in the world.

. . .

Spurgeon October 16 Morning Devotional

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