I am Nothing

I see so many great believers.
They do so much.
Teach thousands.
Reach millions.
Help save so many.
Help bring them home.

I just live day to day.
Hang on.
I lack discipline.
Forget to pray.
Fear to stand up for Jesus.
Live a life undercover.


In God’s eyes, I am justified.
Adopted as a child of God.
Fully and equally a child of God.
Though an infant in many ways,
 I am just as much God’s child as an adult in Christ.
My immaturity does not decrease my worth.
My value in Christ.

He will still grow me.
Guide my maturing.
Lead me into my adulthood.

But, in the meantime…

I am already an heir.
I am rich in Christ.
I need not doubt my status.
My little faith.
My unimpressive record.
My uninspiring history.

For I am Christ’s.
Fully and completely,
A child of God.

. . .

Spurgeon October 19 Morning Devotional