Imitating God

Lord, you have given me so much.
Your generosity is unlimited.
You have given me more than I can comprehend.

For you suffered for me.
Gave your life for me.
And gave me eternity.

But Lord…

How do I respond?
I often ask for more.
For more today.
In this life.

I forget the future you are preparing for me.
The gift of life you’ve already given me.
And I focus on me.
On today.

Lord, remind me to seek you.
To seek to be like you.
To imitate your generosity.
To share my blessings with others.

For in doing this, I well be blessed.
It sounds illogical.
It’s foolishness according to the rules of this world.
But if I put it to the test.
If I give like you give.
I will experience blessing.
I will be blessed today.
And in this blessing,
 I will discover that I have more than I ever asked for.

. . .

Spurgeon October 26 Morning Devotional

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