Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Leaning into the Year

Some days are a struggle.
Some years a filled with such days.
Difficult from start to end.

But hope is there.
It carries us through.
And eventually rest does come.
A season of harvest arrives.

If this year brings rest,
ㅤtake joy in that.
Remember who brings that rest,
ㅤand spend time with Him.
Grow that relationship.
Gain strength in him.

If this season is not one of rest…
If the rest has yet to arrive…
Remember hope.
Remember how these seasons change you.
How your faith has grown.
Your ability to find joy has developed.
And look to the future.
To the next season.

Lord, this year I look to you.
Whether in rest,
ㅤor in struggle,
I look to you.
For I know this year is yours.
I will live in your plan for me.
My faith will grow as I follow you.
I will be blessed as I walk with you.
Lord, I will spend this year with you.

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