Only Skin Deep?

Perfection assaults us from all directions.
Glossy magazine covers bombard us with images of how we should look.
Sparking personalities blast their way into our homes,
ㅤshining happily on the TV screen.

All demonstrating their glorious perfection.
Demanding we be the same.


We see them, not as in reality, but through a filter.
A mask of makeup covering blemishes.
Touched-up images presenting a false perspective.

How can we compete?

We can’t, but we don’t need to.
For Jesus sees us as flawless.
Not because his view is filtered.
Not because we’re wearing a mask.


He has made us spotless.
He has removed our blemishes.
Not covering them,
ㅤbut replacing them.
With perfection.
His perfection.

He accepts us as we are,
ㅤand in him we become perfection.

Lord, thank you.
Thank you for your perfection.
Your perfection applied to me.
Thank you for taking me as I am,
ㅤand removing the pressure to appear perfect.
Lord, thank you for loving me.