September 13

I do small things.
Ordinary things.
Often things only seen,
 only noticed,
 by me.

But you bless me in those things Lord.
Whether my toil seems easy or hard,
 You bless me.

And I move on in life,
 the memories of those blessings,
 the joys,
 carried with me.

What I seldom see Lord,
 is how you use my labors.
How you bless others by the works I’ve left in my wake.
I forget, Lord, that is how you work.
Blessings for others may grow out of a seed I helped plant.
And while I may never see the fruit,
 you will have your harvest.

Thank you Lord for inviting me to join you.
To join you in blessing others.

And when I am discouraged.
When I don’t see the blessings.
Lord, give me perspective.
Your perspective.
To remind me that your blessings are growing behind me.

Spurgeon September 13 Morning Devotional

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