September 27 Devotional Poem

There can be burdens in believing.
In accepting a future with God while still present in this fallen world.
Today surrounds us with sorrow.
It harasses us with heartache.
It whispers wretchedness in our ears.
It shouts suffering from the rooftops.
It accuses us and judges our God.

How can we feel blessed in this?
Blessed here?
Blessed now?

At times, the only answer is faith.
Faith built over time.
Built while walking with God.
While seeing him work.
While getting to know him.
His character.

When today torments us…
We must remember yesterday.
We must remember when God has shown us who he is.
We must remember his character and his promises.

Then, we can walk with God today as we anticipate the blessings of tomorrow.

Spurgeon September 27 Devotional

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