September 9

I know so little.
Understand so little.
I am so limited.

But you Lord, are limitless.
You know…
You do…

Great and mighty things.

I am constrained by my limited world.
Constrained by my lack of understanding.
Constrained by my lack of perspective.


My passion is limited.
My goals are limited.
My life…
 …is limited.

But you desire more for me.
You plan more for me.
You intend more for me.

Through you,
 I will see more.
With you,
 I will do more.
In you,
 I will be more.

Lord, I beseech you, show me…
What you intend for me.
What you plan for me.
What you desire for me.

Lord, inspire me with your great and mighty things,
 and I will live passionately,
 for you,
 with you,

Spurgeon September 9 Morning Devotional

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