What Floats Your Boat?

Water is vital to life.
We drink water daily.
Our bodies are two-thirds water.
Water brings life,
ㅤnourishment to us,
ㅤto the foods we eat.

We understand its importance to us.
Hence the metaphor of water used so frequently.
Living water.
River of life.

And today’s reading…
The Lord is a place of rivers and streams.
For the Lord is our nourishment.
Our life.

But more than this…
He, like a raging river,
ㅤcan provide separation,
ㅤfrom our enemies.

For he will preserve us.
When we turn to him,
ㅤthough we may suffer,
ㅤhe is our eternal security.
He will keep us safe for eternity.
He builds a moat around us.
His protection flows like a raging river,
ㅤturning back our enemies.

Lord, today I rest in your security,
ㅤsurrounded by the moat of your presence.

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