To What Extent Does College Matter

If you want a good job: you need to be highly skillful.

Influence Of College

Good colleges have collaborations with industry giants and top research universities and labs which makes it easier to get jobs or internships.

Since high paying jobs require you to be highly skillful, good college has a better curriculum, faculty, routine and culture.

That makes it easier for you to get a well paid job right out of college.

If you’re not from good college, you shall be solely responsible for the skills you possess at the end of four years.

To be highly skillful, you need to work apart from regular coursework.

You need to get involved in competitive programming and MOOCs.

Technically, it consumes much of your time and energy, leaving you frustrated sometimes.

If you’re very very lucky, you can get a well-paid job or you’ve to settle for much less.

If you have settled for less, it will take 3–5 years (as work experience or work experience along with a master’s degree) to reach the starting point of a good college graduate.

So, if you’re not in a good college, you plod uselessly for many years to compensate for missing skills. If your college is good, you can achieve great professional levels within the years a tier-n grad reaches your starting level.

Long story short. If you want a satisfying, well-paying job and progress in a well designed environment, make sure that your alma mater is good.

When Does College Cease To Matter?

College equip you with technical skills. If you choose something apart from that you don’t need a degree.

If you choose a field where your previous domain matter expertise is immaterial, you degree doesn’t matter.

For business, you only need to know strategy, product and general management. You can hire people to work for you. Bury degree alive and just go with the flow if you solely intend to earn money.

If you are in a company, your promotion depends on the work you do. It is independent of your college degree.

But a college degree helps to give you a good start.

In a nutshell, if you want to be a great technologist, you are going to need a great education, regardless of whether it comes from college or your colleagues. If you wish to start a business, you don’t require technical skills since you can hire to fill that gap.

Although a college degree is not everything, it makes life easier in many ways.

In short, college does matter.

Exceptions exist. But they are few. Your chances of being counted among them are also few.

Folks say that you cannot enjoy life once the time of youth has passed. Have you ever wondered what makes youth enjoyable? In youth, one is free from burden of responsibilities and financial burden. Once you grow up, you have a lot to worry about. All the worries are caused by familial responsibilities and financial burden. Think that youth has passed and you are financially free, will there be anything to worry? If you have all the resources that you want, there can be nothing left to worry.

College doesn’t matter is a flawed logic. So is to enjoy life in the present.

Sacrifice years of partying for decades of freedom. This is the flawless logic.

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