“Are you interested in our online course?” How a cold call from a sales department turned into an opportunity.

Goal — 10,000 SMEs by 2020. Current Performance — 86 SMEs signed up

Welcome to the last update before Xmas. We have had a fascinating week last week as we went live with various platform updates as well as witnessing the traditional wind down before Xmas. I had forgotten the time it takes to deliver updates but it is time well spent as we look to create the best possible HR platform for small businesses. The most enjoyable part of the week was managing to turn a sales call I received into a sign up. An opportunity can manifest itself in many forms! In fact, it would be a lot easier if more companies called me!

We also saw traffic to our platform hit record highs this week as the annual holiday calculation panic set in. The reality though (and we did tell you this!) is that PSV HR calculates this all for you. The platform tells you what holiday employees are entitled to and how many have been taken. PSV HR prides itself on adding value to a business. We are not satisfied in being a HR platform that a company simply uses. This time of year is the best example of this. As we onboard companies we ask them if they want us to look out for best practice solutions and ideas to improve the HR function of their business. There is no charge for this, it all comes under the pay what you want model. We have provided generic employment contracts, staff handbook policy and procedures and also sickness statistics to help understand the cost of absence to a business. This week I flagged to a company owner that many of his staff had not completed their annual holiday entitlement. We quickly calculated he would owe an average of 3 days pay to his employees at the year end. A cash flow problem he had not envisaged. After the onset of wild panic and possibly even a little bit of cursing, we quickly got to work on resolving the issue. I asked how busy he is over Xmas. Being a recruitment business for a very niche industry the answer was “pretty dead”. It became very apparent that the best course of action would be to actually close the office over Xmas and New Year. After a discussion with the staff who all were more than happy to have the time off, the net result was a win-win. The business survived its cash flow crisis, the staff got an extended break to spend with families and we added genuine value to the business. The new Christmas company holiday policy is now part of the staff handbook and also written into each and every employment contract.

This week I received an usually high level of sales calls from the usual recruiting and marketing calls to the more obscure sales agent trying to sell Christmas fairy lights! One call was from a small organisation selling online courses. This was a great conversation as this was a startup business and it was obvious they were in need of some HR admin assistance. I let this particular sales agent start their pitch before asking about the business. It transpired this person was actually the owner who wore many hats within the business. After sharing some common struggles I quickly got the owner signed up and using PSV HR. Our platform resonates to many businesses in a wide range of industries. This business was growing quickly and needed to put in place an on-boarding process. This is done seamlessly in PSV HR and can be used as focal point on which the on-boarding process can be built.

It is highly satisfying the amount we are able to help our community and we are looking forward to helping more and more as we aim to get more businesses signed up. It would be wonderful to wake up on Christmas morning and have 10,000 companies signed up but I know that a lot of hard work lies ahead. We are not afraid of hard work and we are committed to our business experiment. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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