The Appeal of Personality Tests

Cosmopolitan. People. Glamour. These are all magazines that were a constant in my life as a young high school student. I still remember the days when a friend would bring a magazine to school and all these girls would crowd around it during our lunch break. The most entertaining part of the magazine reading was the various personality tests that were offered in them. Although due to the increased use in technology, magazines aren’t read as often but nowadays, Buzzfeed is an easy way to access the multitude of personality tests. Sometimes, I can even find ones that high school students have made in their spare time online.

It wasn’t until recently when I had gone to a doctor’s appointment and flipped through the numerous magazines stacked on the waiting room table did I remember the various amusing tests offered in magazines. I still remember how no matter how many different tests my friends and I do, we will always end up with similar results. The results have always been either uncannily spot-on or to our 8th graders’ minds, brilliantly illuminating.

But what is the appeal to all these personality tests available in Cosmopolitan or Buzzfeed? Everyone loves taking personality tests no matter age or gender.

In general, I love the simplicity in being able to categorize myself as something/someone else through easy questions. I also love being surprised at how amazingly accurate the results are.


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