Psych Ward Reviews Update 1/11/17: Becoming a more Comprehensive Site

Exciting changes are happening: submission options for news articles on hospitals, Psych Ward Reviews in the news, and more!

I want to make the site more comprehensive and include as much data as possible - thus giving people more information to make decisions, and furthering the goal of holding hospitals accountable - I am initiating the following changes:

Submission Options Now Include Hospital News Articles

If you find a news article on any psychiatric hospitals - including but not limited to ones you may have been at - you may now submit it for our collection of articles!

Upcoming Collection of News Articles

In addition to taking submissions, I'm adding articles I find and also articles collected courtesy of Morgan Shields and their team - authors of the study mentioned in my Establishment article assessing the quality of inpatient services. They have collected a great many articles. Article collection (page link) will be both for hospitals with reviews on the site and those without.

Ideas: Possible Upcoming Information on Core Quality Measures

Also possibly upcoming is a data table on core quality indicators for a large number of psychiatric hospitals in the United States. Many, if not most, of the reviewed hospitals will be on this data table - and others that are not yet reviewed will be on there if this comes to fruition.

Some Site Reformatting

I have added the pages for submitting and news article collection, and also have added some pages and links that have all reviews listed, and all news articles listed. I have modified the Categories and Tags page to be Searching the Site. It has an updated explanation of how I use the categories and tags, and an updated explanation of searching the site. It no longer has the list of hospitals - that is now under "View All Reviews."

Upcoming Articles Regarding Psych Ward Reviews

Psych Ward Reviews will soon be featured in another multimedia outlet, and also possibly featured elsewhere on the web. More info to come!

Originally published on on January 11, 2017