Announcing ICNS is Joining the Psychedelic Fam! 🔥

The Internet Computer Name Service brings decentralized naming to the IC and is the 2nd external project to join the collective!



The Psychedelic fam is growing once more, with a new team and product joining its ranks! Today ICNS (the Internet Computer Name Service) became part of Psychedelic fully and will continue to grow with the help of the collective and its other projects/teams.

ICNS maps human-readable names (.icp names — e.g. psychedelic.icp) to crypto addresses and other types of records (e.g. social accounts, avatar pictures, etc.). If you’re familiar with ENS on Ethereum, or SNS on Solana, then you’ll know what ICNS is all about.

Naming services provide an easy way to map a friendly name that’s easy to remember to a plethora of non-friendly data points. A single name.icp can represent an ETH, IC, and BTC address, as well as a personal profile pointing to a user’s website, email, GitHub, Twitter, and a ton of more record types! For an entity, site, or app, it can provide an alternative and decentralized entry-point. A Web3 passport for individuals and entities alike!

ICNS + The Psychedelic Ecosystem 👽

Name services are key infrastructure pieces to chains, and together with ICNS we’ll seek to strengthen a standard that can fully support the IC’s naming needs, and bring new opportunities for interoperability and streamlining of user experiences on the IC, with things like… Usernames and profiles for wallets, decentralized URLs for IC projects, and a lot more!

Between the talented work behind ICNS, and their day 1 native integrations to the Psychedelic stack (e.g. using WICP as the main currency, Plug as the main wallet, and directing to Sonic)… It was a no-brainer for us to welcome ICNS into Psychedelic to continue to boost all the amazing synergies ICNS can provide to the stack and the ecosystem.

We’re pumped about all those possibilities! We’ll be working with ICNS to bring all these things into reality, from things like Plug+ICNS to replicating ICNS records on ENS under the icp.eth name…

Let’s review some of these possibilities!

Plug and ICNS🔌 Prettified Addresses & Profiles

The most immediate integration ICNS can bring into the Psychedelic ecosystem is with Plug! We will do many things…

Starting off simple with allowing people to associate their Plug Principal ID to an ICNS name so people can send transfers, store contacts, or share their address with a simple name (e.g. transfer ICP to “nico.icp” instead of aace-23ree-4443e…). Since ICNS supports multiple address records for ETH and BTC, imagining a multi-chain wallet and address in Plug, given the IC’s upcoming integrations, is more than just a thought!

Then, the idea can evolve to provide more in-depth profiles for users. By allowing users to set their metadata (avatar, social URLs, etc…) records of their ICNS name through Plug, we could enable users to have a universal profile and unique username across all IC dApps (their name.icp is their username!) who can then consume this data directly from Plug when connecting.

CAP & ICNS 👑 Contextualizing Transactions

CAP, the protocol for asset provenance and transaction histories can also greatly benefit from integration to ICNS by using it to contextualize the addresses in transaction records with their .icp name. Marketplaces, wallets like Plug, and any other UI showing NFT and token transactions could replace Principal IDs or other crypto addresses with the corresponding name.icp tied to the address to better inform the user.

ICNS & ENS 🤝 Replication & Compatibility

We don’t see ICNS as a competing naming service, but an opportunity to bridge both ecosystem’s naming services together! By leveraging the .icp.eth name on ENS we intend to eventually mirror all ICNS names under that ENS subdomain (name.icp.eth) to make them claimable and usable by their IC owners on Ethereum!

We want to enable resolving both ways and allow for the resolving of both .icp names on Ethereum, and .eth names on the IC. Much like ENS supports other TLDs (.xyz), it could accommodate the.icp registrar natively as well given most record points are compatible.

The keywords here are interoperability and optionality. Given both ecosystems will be integrated by the IC, and assets will move seamlessly across both chains via Terabethia, it is crucial to have a common identity/address ground that helps keep the user’s experience smooth.

A Stepping Stone to ICNS’ Governance

It’s not all just integration and synergies here! ICNS joining Psychedelic comes from the angle of building a clear path forward to have ICNS exit into the hands of the community, and be governed by it.

Being decentralized naming such a core aspect of an infrastructure’s ecosystem, we (Psychedelic & the original ICNS team) know the importance behind having it be governed and run by its users and community.

Psychedelic is building and working directly with technologies that will facilitate the road to a governance system and token. From Sonic’s future liquidity bootstrapping pools (LBPs), as well as a governance framework with code upgrade and maintenance capabilities. For us and ICNS it made total sense to team up and leverage this experience and stack to help make it a reality.

We aim to release ICNS’s governance token via Sonic’s fair token launch platform (using LBPs) in the next couple of months. We’ll be sharing more updates on both the stack (Sonic’s LBPs & the governance framework) are closer to release and open sourcing.

Until Next Time! 🔥👽🔥

ICNS’s mainnet release was tremendous, and there’s so much more in store coming for this naming service! We can’t wait to share all the news, starting with the open sourcing of ICNS, its repositories, and the release of its SDK and integration tools.

The project’s own Discord server will continue to be the hub for all things ICNS, and we (Psychedelic) will be opening a channel/section on our own server for any Q’s or thoughts! Hop in, say hi, and welcome ICNS to the Psychedelic fam 🔥




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