If I had a better idea, I could explain it to you and then you’d agree with me.

Yes or yes?

Instead of arguing, I simply admit that If I had a better idea I would explain my idea to you and you would change your mind.

Yes? If I fully understood the concept of addition, I think I could convince you that 2 beans + 2 beans = 4 beans.

I can’t convince you that Bitcoin is the future, because the topic is too complicated for me to understand, therefore I don't really know, therefore I cannot explain.

I propose that if a person really knows, their understanding gives them the power to explain convincingly. When they merely have an opinion they can only be persuasive.

Sugar is bad for your teeth. vs Coffee is good for you. — If my theory is right this analogy is unnecessary since I my point was already self evident.

Do you disagree? If so, you must admit that I could be right. If it is possible for me to be right but unable to persuade you, the fact that you think I’m wrong means much less.

At worst, I am possibly wrong and I demand to be treated accordingly. You might be right about me be being wrong. But you cannot deny that you are possibly wrong. You have already admitted you can’t tell the difference.

So what if you agree with me? What if you agree that if I knew what I was talking about I could easily convince you with an explanation?

If you agree with that I’ll apologize for all those times I told you something wrong, gave some half baked explanation, and as a result failed to convince you.

I wasted your time and risked giving you a false positive. (We always have to watch out for those. They spread like viruses!)

But I have a complaint to go with my apology. If I was wrong, it is possible that your were right, and we have an agreement that people who know answers can persuade others through explanation.

Why didn't you persuade me? Why did you let me embarrass myself like that? That is like withholding a free cure for a deadly disease so that you could sell an expensive vaccine!

Or is it?

Based on our agreement my failure to convince you is all the evidence we need that I don't know what I’m talking about, and the fact we don’t know why just means you were wise enough not to make the same mistake I did!

That sounds like a tolerable situation rather than one that ends in angry shrieking. No wonder everyone is jealous of how cool we are.

So I ask you again.

Yes or yes?

If I really had a better idea, I could explain it to you and then you’d agree with me.

A picture I took of a classroom



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