Tabula Rasa Ventures— Our Core Beliefs

Marik Hazan
Nov 14, 2019 · 3 min read
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I had never heard of a VC firm that had a mission. Values were replaced by a compelling thesis and strategy to maximize returns.

As we interacted with more nonprofit founders, researchers, and folks from the psychedelics community we realized that there was no greater priority than examining ourselves. What were our goals? What did we hope to contribute? What question were we trying to answer?

This is where our searching brought us.

Our Question

What does it mean to be a VC with a conscience?


To build the bridge between a values neutral world of capital and the values driven world of psychedelics. To provide researchers, activists, and community members with the power to democratically steer capital towards solutions that benefit our world.


To build a replicable economic infrastructure that prioritizes our Earth, humanity, and all living beings.


Holistic, Ecosystem Focused — Developing an ecosystem, not a single entity or a “portfolio”. Understanding that the best possible future is one where entities work together and support one another collaboratively. A rising tide lifts all ships.

Humbleness and Reverence — Recognizing that psychedelics have spiritual roots. Understanding that we are always learning and growing. Staying humble, aware, and in deep respect of everyone we come into contact with.

Scientific Rigor — Rigorous research over decades of time brought psychedelics and their associated therapies to where they are today. We support companies that develop products which are rigorously tested to bring benefit for their consumers. We recognize and integrate the high bar of academia into our investment decisions.

Legality — We recognize the role law has played in shaping psychedelic culture, its history, and its present. We put a premium on legal compliance and we don’t support companies that compromise legality.

Equity — We are a VC with a conscience. Our “conscience” consists of members from academia, nonprofits, and the broader psychedelics community. We incorporate the judgement of the psychedelics ecosystem into every decision we make, empowering the entire community to steer capital in the direction that is most beneficial for everyone involved.

Patiently Revolutionary — Working towards creating long lasting, meaningful change that is powerful enough to combat inequality on all fronts. Doing so methodically, strategically, with deep thoughtfulness and patience.

Tikkun Olam — We recognize the role psychedelics play in repairing the world, prioritizing community, quality of life for all species, and the Earth. Being the resolution or solution and filling the role that is needed.

Informing Awareness not Consumerism — Supporting companies that are built around brands which provide helpful information instead of pressure to make a purchase.

Joy — We support teams composed of people that bring joy to everyone around them. Our team seeks to do the same. Through play, improvisation, rest, laughter, and renewal we will bring positive energy to every interaction.

Win-Win — This is not a zero-sum game. We will always seek out the solution that results in the greatest possible benefit for everyone involved.

We hope that these words resonate and create even more space for conversation. If you want to contribute to what we’re building please get in touch:

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