Psychological Hacks: Insights from secret personal project to study human behaviour [Pattern Series-1/11]

  1. Tell stories. People love and remember stories.
  2. The ability to use apt analogies sets you apart.
  3. Be Interesting.
  4. Be mysterious. The less the world knows about you, the more they carve to know.
  5. Less is actually more.
  6. Solve problems. You’ll be loved for being a problem solver.
  7. Don’t show off. It turns off people.
  8. Achieve something difficult to support your expertise.
  9. People believe what they see. Action counts. Result matters.
  10. The seeds of your success is within the remains of your failures. Put your failures to good use.
  11. Be approachable. Observe people and things. Learn and analyse. Find patterns.
  12. Be curious.
  13. When you experience interesting things ( like vacation at Hawaii, honeymoon on a Cruise, a friend from Germany, visited 30 countries, knows 7 foreign languages, etc) you seems interesting.
  14. Don’t try to complicate things. Being Simple has become so uncommon that it amuses others while making your life easier.
  15. Talk <<Listen <<Write <<Observe <<Analyse <<Find Patterns
  16. Analyse your biggest problems and brainstorm over them. You will have a psychological advantage when you meet others crippled with the same worries.
  17. Do great things and keep a low profile, let your work make the noise.
  18. Ask thoughtful questions that enriches the discussion, you’ll be respected for that.
  19. Be a Problem shooter. You’ll be admired.
  20. Always undergo some secret projects for personal development. Share the nectar with others. You will earn friends.
  21. An overnight sensation is a product of years of hard work, numerous failures. Don’t compare your darkest moment with somebody’s brightest moment.
  22. Learn from everyone. Improvise.
  23. Develop healthy competition. It helps everyone.
  24. Don’t hurt anybody’s ego. Just don’t do it.
  25. Don’t get into arguments if you neither have the skills nor the enthusiasm to win.
  26. Respect ladies or girls whom you know and gradually you’ll be programmed to treat everyone else with courtesy and respect.
  27. When you need motivation. Motivate someone else. Food thrown over water returns back to you.
  28. Think in terms of the value you add. Be valuable to any group/team you’re a part of.
  29. Be such that people would love to go to war with you on their side.
  30. Arrogance is the biggest turn off.
  31. Life is all about balancing different things. So, try to strike a balance between your studies, health and leisure time.
  32. Don’t try to impress. Nobody is interested in you. Help them in someway knowingly or unknowingly and then they would admire you.
  33. Walk the talk. People love those whose action synchronizes with their words.
  34. Fake it till you make it. My blog Life is Beautiful is the product of one such endeavor.
  35. Challenge yourself and you would get power to achieve it. Challenged myself to write 111 beautiful blog posts in 30 days Failed to complete the task in 30 days but end up writing over 400 posts within 6 months.
  36. Use Strong verbs, Simple Present and Simple Past Tense. It creates magic.
  37. Miracles do happen, you just need to believe.

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