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Dear COVID: (A Love Letter From Humanity)


I am taking this opportunity to reach out to you, to perhaps reconcile the tensions between us.

The past couple years have been really difficult (we both know this). Frankly, I was really scared when you first showed up. And I still am. I have done everything in my power to shield myself from you — assuming you are completely malevolent. I have been assuming you have nothing to offer but trouble.

I am starting to re-think this. You clearly aren’t going anywhere. Your latest form of resistance — omicron —is quite clever and formidable. It seems like the more I want you to go away, the longer you promise to stick around. Is there something I am missing? What are you trying to communicate? What is your purpose here?

I admit, I am not the best listener. My instinct is to impose my own viewpoint on the way things should be. It’s true, I try to control everything (okay, fine, I am a bit of a control freak). But my intentions are good — honestly. I just want to protect myself and minimize death and suffering. I’ve done everything in my power to do so: lockdowns, travel restrictions, vaccine mandates, and so on. And it’s worked — it really has! But maybe my attempts to wipe you away are not only ineffective, in the long run, but eventually harmful to myself. Maybe you have some wisdom to show me.

I welcome your response.





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Matthew S. Goodman, Ph.D.

Matthew S. Goodman, Ph.D.


Clinical Psychologist. Clinical Assistant Professor @ USC. Founder/CEO of The Middle Way. Writing on interconnectedness and compassion in self and society.